If you are a bird lover and plan to put a tattoo on your body, try using Mocking Bird Tattoo. What is that? Did you know that Mockingbird is a small bird in the world? The thing that makes the bird famous is due to its excellent chirp or sing.  Even the bird is always singing every time in their lives; whether day or night. Even the better the chirp when looking at the moon at night, so many are interested to have it.

One of the loves of birds can indeed be expressed through several ways. Not just by buying and taking care of the bird, you can also put the tattoo in your body. Even so far, the installation of Mocking Bird Tattoo design which is quite popular at the time. But the question is the design of birds mocking cassock what suits you to put on your body in a tattoo.

Black Mockingbird

Black Mockingbird

2. Dead Mockingbird

Dead Mockingbird

3. Geometric Mockingbird

Geometric Mockingbird

4. Mockingbird on Flower

Mockingbird on Flower

This can be a great selection tattoo design also that you can try to apply on your body. Sure, this will be more awesome on the look.

  1. Two Mockingbird Love

For those who are in love, a tattoo with this design is very good and suitable for you choose.

  1. Watercolor Mockingbird

It is very suitable to be chosen by you who really like the style of watercolor. Sometimes it does not look so obvious, but pretty good and beautiful to look at compared to real ones.

  1. Mockingbird Silhouette

The silhouette design has become one of the most popular design concepts so far. Well, the concept can be applied in a variety of tattoo designs also included in the Mockingbird tattoo.

Mockingbird Silhouette
  1. Tribal Mockingbird

For those of you who like the tribal styles, you can also try to apply the style to the Mockingbird tattoo. Here is one tribal design that has been applied in Mockingbird tattoos.

Tribal Mockingbird
  1. Mockingbird in Flower

For those of you who want to give a touch more detail on your tattoo, it is very nice to install a tattoo design on this one. In addition to the Mockingbird birds, you can also add other extras like flowers.

Mockingbird in Flower


  1. Matching Mockingbird

This is very suitable chosen by you who want to make tattoo Mockingbird together with your partner. By installing the same bird, you can select several different designs in fact but the result must be still matching.

Well, that’s some choice of Mocking Bird Tattoo that you can choose according to what you like. Please decide by yourself based on some considerations.