Japanese Tattoo art is highly respected. The country which has provided a lot of influences by histories is producing some popular works of tattooing art.

Japan is also the most widely impressive tattooing art in the world, below are the list of Japanese tattoo artist you need to know.



  1. Master Horiyoshi III

He is a famous Japanese tattoo artist that conducted of Irezumi (traditional Japanese style). Perhaps, he is the most popular tattoo artist in Japan. He also regarded “Hori” in 1971 and a founder of “Yokohama Tattoo Museum” as a gallery art of his effort.

  1. Horikitsune

He had been established a studio and home in London. He dedicated his life to Japanese tattooing culture that inspired people to unmindful of what type of tattoos you are within.


  1. Horiyen (Jess Yen)

An expert of tattooing world is Hariyen Jess, who has orientals and realism specialities. He also familiar as Tebori (tattoo machine and classical hand-poked tattooing).


  1. Chris O’Donnell

Another influential tattoo artist that you need to follow is Chris. He has been tattooing since 1993 and a creator of Kings Avenue Tattoo (on the Bowery) and Private Studio (Pound Ridge NY).  He has a special tattoo style, unique, and beautiful. Looking up from his Instagram page, style bloody skulls, snake, and ghosts are dominated.


  1. Yushi Tattoo

He started tattooing in 1999. He often makes a Japanese, Korean, Asian style tattoo work. Well-known as Master Yushi and Japanese tattoo professional, some of his best work is incredible tattoos and on many levels.


  1. Arron Burton

He is competently prurient and knowledgeable about Japanese tattoo. He loves all styles of tattooing. He takes accordant material affiliated with the subject.


  1. Koji Ichimaru

He is specialist Japanese and American style of tattooing. All his works are almost perfect from the entire aspect. Practically no mistake.


  1. Kokura Horimatsu

The most popular of his best work tattoo is Beautiful Kingyo Fish. His tattoos are a traditional Japanese tattoo style.


  1. Senju Horrimatsu

He is a Japanese tattoo master who lives and works in Umea, Sweden. He has also designed Irezumi, traditional Japanese tattoo. In early 2016, he had been filing a prime time for a television program to stop viewing the whole of his work.

  1. Miyazo

At last but not least, famous Japanese tattoo artist is Miyazo. He lives in Neyogawa City, Osaka, Japan. Started by became a member of the band, he learned tattooing to his friend and met Horitsune II to learn more about tattoo. He doesn’t have a specific technique in tattooing, but he just does the regular style of that art.


Thus, the tattoos are very valuable works of art. The Japanese tattoo artists above were proven that tattooing is a cultural product.