Usually, someone just looks beautiful or not a tattoo. Without knowing what the meanings are stored in it. Here there are four definitions stored in Samurai Fighting Dragon Tattoo.

Before choosing a tattoo that you will use in your body, you have to know in advance the meaning behind the tattoo. For you tattoo lovers, it is essential to know what the meaning behind the tattoo that you use. What if anyone asks the meaning behind the tattoo that you use, then your answer don’t know. It was so embarrassing, isn’t it? So, knowing the meaning behind the tattoo that you use is something that is important.

Here there are four meanings stored behind the Samurai Fighting Dragon Tattoo. Among them:

  • Samurai

Samurai means a warrior of ancient Japan who dedicates their lives to protect the indigenous population. They symbolize respect, glory, courage, and strength. This tattoo design is not only found in Japan but has been popular in Asian countries. Someone who wears this tattoo would be considered respectful, appreciative and proud of the service the samurai.

  • Dragon

The Dragon symbolizes protection, power, and wisdom. The Asian Dragon is one of the big creatures chosen for the design of the tattoo. A person who wants this tattoo will look more dashing and daring.

In Japan, a colorful Dragon and is the mythology of their culture. And is considered to represent the balance, freedom, and fortune. The Dragon is also known to have supernatural powers and discretion.

  • The color of the Dragon

Did you know that the color of the Dragon also has a meaning? Black means the elderly and wise. Green means little dragon. Also, green also means life and the Earth. Blue is defined as the Western people are slackers, mercy, and forgiveness. While the yellow is defined as people of the East. And the final gold means reports, kindness, and help others.

Well of color on top, which will make your tattoo? Tattoo lovers, however, usually regardless of color and its meaning. He would only choose the color she liked. It does not matter because this depends on yourself.

  • Samurai fighting dragon

Among the many ancient cultures, killing the Dragon is one of the highest honors achieved by someone. As in the film Beowulf. Beowulf was awarded, admired, respected for having successfully fought with the Dragon and successfully killed him. In ancient cultures, the soldiers will be granted the Princess if managed to slay the Dragon.

Well, the samurai fighting dragon tattoo is a symbol of where soldiers fought with the dragon to get an award.

That’s four samurai fighting dragon tattoo meanings. Hopefully, can add to your knowledge about the sense of the tattoo.