Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream 100% Liability Waiver For Dangerously HOT Cold Sweat Ice Cream


This ice cream was created with some of the hottest known peppers and extracts made. No one with any existing health problems such as:

No one with these problems should attempt to sample this ice cream.  Expectant mothers or any female who could possibly be pregnant should not attempt to have a sample of this ice cream.


By signing this Liability Waiver I understand and take 100% full responsibility for all risk and consequences as the result from the consumption of this product containing such peppers, extracts and hot sauces.  If legal action is pursued with disregard to this liability Waiver, all legal fees and cost will be the responsibility of any such person involved with the consumption of this product.


NO ONE under the age of 18 is allowed to taste this product without legal guardian consent of both parties signing this Liability Waiver.


No one above the age of 30 should attempt to even sample this product.


It should be noted that what is painful going in, may be painful upon exit.



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Legal Sign-up Sheet for

Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream 100% Liability Waiver for Dangerously Hot Cold Sweat Ice Cream


By signing this page, I have read, understood, accept and agree to all terms and conditions stated on the Cold Sweat Liability Waiver ~ in order to sample and/or purchase said Cold Sweat Ice Cream.



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