Do you want to remake your permanent black tattoo? This trick will help you to get your new tattoo by covering up the old one.



Sometimes, the permanent tattoo has lost its beauty. For some reason, intention and your interest in the old tattoo that change either because the meaning using or even a name that was not desirable anymore, for example, the name of the former. There are a lot of reasons to cover-ups for a black tattoo.


Don’t get me wrong the tablets, cover up tattoo turned out at all is not easy and requires a long time. This tattoo cover up even longer from the time you first make a tattoo. This is due to the original color used is hard enough to be covered.

Same thing with the black color, tattoo-covered also require shading and outlining a more difficult than usual. However, before you decide to cover up an old tattoo you, it has to be good for you to know tricks cover ups for black tattoos below


Tricks cover-ups for black tattoos

  • Find the right artist tattoo

You must have a lot of imagination to cover your old tattoo. Before deciding which idea you will choose for covering up the old one, you must consult with an expert artist tattoo in covering. As already told before, covering up tattoo is harder so you need to find an expert on this. Consult what kind of idea you want to change on your old tattoo. Even if you want your old tattoo will never be seen anymore just consult the artist tattoo.


  • Colorful design

If you wish to full cover up your old tattoo, choose the colorful design. Cover-ups for black tattoos need a different color so you will never see it for the rest of your life. Tattoo ink is not easy to hide. Once it applied, it is hard for you to cover it.


  • Listen to whatever your artist tattoo suggested

When you consult to your artist tattoo, just do whatever he suggested. For example, he wants you to come over every week just come then. If your artist tattoo gives his opinion about your design just accept it like for colors, place and so others.  This will help you to get a successful cover up tattoo.


Those are some tips if you want cover ups for black tattoos. Hope you get your new tattoo successful..