For ladies, eyeshadow is a must-have item. Maybelline color tattoo purple is one of the most favorite eyeshadows. This eyeshadow is claimed to be long-lasting and waterproof. This cream eyeshadow has a special formula which delivers 24-hour intensity paired with tattoo tenacity.


Benefits of Maybelline color tattoo purple

Maybelline color tattoo delivers vibrant, super-saturated color which can stay all day long. Hence, you don’t need to touch-up. Maybelline always delivers high-quality products so that the ladies won’t get difficulties to choose their style for every occasion.


Eyeshadow itself can be used both for daily basis or special occasion. This tattoo eye shadow painted purple, is great for every occasion. Maybelline uses ink technology which creates super-saturated color. Besides, this cream gel eyeshadow is easy to use and provide smooths look. The vibrant color of the purple doesn’t fade so you can look confident from day to night.


The shade of this Maybelline eyeshadow called painted purple. It’s a bold vibrant purple which transfers an exact color that you see in the pot. After applying it on your eyes, the color is pigmented that you don’t need to reapply many times.

Besides, the color will stay looking vibrant and pigmented in spite of the heat. Maybelline color tattoo purple is so reliable for daily makeup.


Another thing that is loved by ladies from this cream eyeshadow is it’s waterproof. The color stays gorgeous even when you are sweating. It won’t get smudged at all. Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid even if you wear full makeup with this purple eyeshadow on summer. The heat won’t budge the vibrant color of Maybelline eyeshadow.

The texture of this eyeshadow is smooth. It’s easy to apply with your fingertips. Even though the texture is very smooth, it dries up quickly after application. Thus, it won’t take too long to get ready with your make up.



The pros of Maybelline color tattoo purple

Here are some pros about this cream eyeshadow:

  • The color is extremely pigmented. Hence, you don’t need to reapply many times to get the look that you want.
  • The color of purple is very vibrant and bold. It’s suitable for any color of eyes. It looks best on brown-eyed girls.
  • The color lasts longer than you think since it can stay from morning to night without a smudge.


Those are information or a brief review about Maybelline color tattoo purple that gain love from the ladies.