The Deep Meaning from Angel Tattoos

Angel Tattoos has deep meaning. There are many different reasons for this design. There are many people who believe that this tattoo represents a good thing that comes from God. This tattoo depicts an angel of God who can convey the truth. Angels are the most obedient beings to God. Angels have special powers and abilities to walk in heaven and earth. Angels can come down to earth to carry out the work of God. Angels are also known in various religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. All beliefs know angels. Women with angel tattoos are a symbol of tranquility. Men with angel tattoos are high degree symbols. There are different ways to describe the tattoo.

Guardian Angel

Everyone believes that angels tattoos can protect people from evil. The good man will be protected by angels. The angel will be with you when you are born into the world. You will be accompanied by angels to live your life. You are also accompanied by an angel at your death. Angels will guide you to the afterlife. This is not a myth but it is a sacred trust that exists in all religions. Religion teaches the existence of angels as God’s helpers. This design is made with a shining light behind the wings. Usually, the light will be seen on the side and bottom. This is a symbol that the angel has a protective nature. The angel will always protect people from harm. Usually, the angel is shown as a woman or man holding a sword. The sword also has a symbol as a weapon of the angel. Perhaps you have never seen a real angel with a sword but this tattoo is the right depiction for the angel. The sword can represent that the angel will fight the evil by using the sword. This is a unique design so that this design can be used as a beautiful tattoo.

Fallen Angel

Actually, the tattoo is not only seen as good but also evil. There is a story that says angels feel proud and arrogant. The angel wants to be God but the angel is thrown out of heaven. This is an act of rebellion cursed by God. God cannot forgive the evil deeds. God does not allow the angel to return to heaven. Actually, this story is written in Greek mythology. The angel who was cast out by God is called the Fallen Angel. This is a tattoo depicting sadness, pain, and suffering. Usually, this tattoo is made by depicting angels who look to the sky. This is a symbol that the angel has received the grace from God but the angel must become a human being. The tattoo is also depicted by angels with heads and bowed eyes. Usually, the angel will sit with knees. The tattoo can also be described with broken wings. Actually, this image is not always a symbol of negative things. This tattoo can represent a dark past and full of problems.

Baby Angel


This is a tattoo that describes the relationship between the earth and the sky. This tattoo can also describe the relationship between the spiritual and material world. Usually, this tattoo is a way to connect people with the spiritual world. There are many people who consider this tattoo as cupid or angel of love. This is the most popular tattoo for women. You must have seen a cupid in a story book or a movie. Cupid is described as a cute creature holding an arrow. The baby will shoot you with a love arrow. Everyone already knows this funny symbol. The baby is depicted using a love-shaped wing. Usually, the tattoo has a pink and red. This color is a symbol of love for all humans.

Winged Angel

This is a common design used in women and men. This tattoo can represent freedom and spirit in your body. There are many ways to describe the wings. The wings can have various symbols such as keys, heart, and crosses. This tattoo can represent that you have an increase to fight from your past. You can struggle to deal with your problem. This design looks stunning because this tattoo shows that you have two different sides. Women and men often use this tattoo to express the symbol of purity, strength, and devotion. This tattoo can give you advice that you should do good for everyone. You should not fall off when remembering your past. You must forget the past and live a life of the future. This tattoo is indeed become the best selling design in the market. This tattoo has a universal meaning that can be understood by everyone. People will see that you have the love for others. Angels are the other side of your life. Humans have good and bad sides. There are many symbols that can be attributed to angels. The symbols are large wings, swords, trumpets, halos, and so on. This tattoo can convey guidance and message to your spiritual life. Everyone will surely admire the tattoo because the angels have become the center of attention. Angels always come down to earth in unexpected ways. There are some who claim to have seen an angel. The angel saved people from the cruel dangers. This is a miracle that cannot be explained by any sentence.

Rising Angel

This is a unique design because angels are messengers from God. Actually, angels have all the great abilities. The most common symbol is the angel guarding you. Angels can be described as evil and good. All of these symbols depend on your goal to create a tattoo. You need not be afraid to show your expression when making the tattoo. You should not make a tattoo without meaning. You should consider the purpose of the tattoo because the image will be in your body for a long time. Rising Angel is a symbol that angels have become God’s best messengers to help humans. A man may have received a miracle when the angel came down to earth. Angels can also be a symbol of loyalty because angels are the most faithful to God. Husband and wife can get this tattoo as a sign of loyalty. Tattoos can be proof that you have a strong commitment as a wife or husband. Your partner will definitely feel proud of your decision. This is a symbol that you are undergoing a serious relationship with your husband.

That is some explanation of the meaning of Angel Tattoos.