Meanings behind Animal Tattoos

It is an ancient knowledge that animal tattoos are used to represent something that has been experienced by those who have it. As a visual symbol, it is considered as one of many good ways to show people an art mixed with great philosophies. The tattoos itself are very connected to cultural meaning, so each culture will have different meaning even with the same animal. But most of them have similar meaning even if they share a different culture. For you who still confused what animal tattoos you should choose, here is some basic knowledge about what is represented by each animal.

The gallant American Eagle

In the United States, the American eagle is commonly known as a patriotic symbol for the people. Most of the time, people who choose American eagle as their tattoo will include the American flag because of their close relationship. Considering the animal, the eagle represents purity, power, and beauty. The natural impression of the eagle is so pure because its thirst for hunting other animals survive is so original, compared to another animal. It is a good choice for those who feel that justice is number one. Also, people with bold personality can wear this tattoo perfectly.

The strong and powerful bear

Powerful animal like a bear is also a common animal used as a good tattoo. As you may know, the tame bear is lovable and almost all people adore this animal. But once you make a tame animal angry, you can see how fierce it could be. This animal is perfect for you who have the similar character with a bear. It represents motherhood, fortitude, and hidden power. It also can be represented as symbols of wisdom, protection, and spirituality.

The beautiful butterfly

The butterfly is a true identity of beauty and transformation. It is a perfect tattoo for you who have experienced something that changed you into something better than your past. It is also used to represent how bad your life in the past compared to your current life which is rich and prospers. Women usually apply this tattoo because they feel that they share the same beauty or at least want to be beautiful like a butterfly.

The passionate dolphins

Loving and caring, dolphins represent harmony, friendship, freedom, and playfulness. Dolphins always live in a colony full of joy and happiness, wandering around the ocean freely as they search for a new place of life.

The powerful elephants

As the biggest mammal living on earth, naturally, the elephant is known for its long age and sheer power. That is why this animal is good for you who share similar characteristics with the elephant. Powerful and fierce outside, this animal can also show that you have a gentle and pure personality inside.

The sly fox

The slyest of the sly, fox represent wisdom and magic since it is known for its magical connection, according to myths, especially in Asian countries. Aside from symbol of magic and wisdom, fox can also represent a powerful connection with Mother Nature.

The trusty horse

As one of the most trusted companions throughout history, people have the strong connection with this animal when it comes to a tattoo. Different cultures also mentioned that horse plays a great rule in each respective culture. Running around freely in the wild, this animal represents freedom, strength, and loyalty.

The independent koi fish

In Asian cultures, koi fish is very iconic since it is also commonly used in the earlier era. In certain Asian origins, a koi fish is believed to have the ability to swim upstream and passed the dragon gate, transforming them into a dragon. Based on this, koi fish is originally used to represent prosperity, independence, and obstacles of life.

The brave lion

Known for his identity as the king of the jungle, in different cultures around the world, lion represents a similar character. It is a symbol of protection, courage, and protection. As in ancient Egypt myths, the lion is pictured as war deities since it has aggressive and protective character. Chinese myths also represent lion as a symbol of protection. You can see a lot of lion statue around Chinese buildings.

The black raven

As mysterious as its jet black color, raven often times represent death and mystery. Its relationship with death is very strong since its natural character is to eat from corpse. Aside from that, some myths and culture use raven as a symbol of protection and magic. In modern days, a raven is applied into tattoo because of its mysterious nature.

The ambiguous snake

According to a lot of myths from a different culture, the snake comes with a dual nature that represents life and death at the same time. The cause of this is because a snake’s venom can either save or kill people in an instant. A lot of modern people believe that snake symbolizes cycle of life.

The fierce tiger


Fierce and powerful impression, Tiger often times symbolize royalty and strength. This character is what makes several countries use it as their national animals such as Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, and South Korea. Some people paired Tiger with dragon since their rivalries are well-known, especially in eastern myths.

The peaceful turtle

In many places like Asian, North America, and Africa, turtle’s characteristic and natural ability to live represents longevity, wisdom, and peace. For you who take things slowly without failing, a turtle is a good tattoo to be applied to you.

The loyal wolf

Most myths from different countries and region consider wolf is a tainted animal, a symbol of loyalty, greed, and destruction. But in some occasion like Japan, wolves are used to protect crops from being eaten by deer and boars. Roman myths believe that greed and destruction can be represented through wolf. As in modern days, people believe that wolf is similar to dog and built to protect.

Those are how animals mean when they become a tattoo. Although the myth and legends said so, you can refer any kind of animal’s characteristic to your personal experience or achievement. The explained characteristic of an animal above is only simple references if you are confused on what animals you should choose. In modern life, personal lives and cultures pretty much affect how people value and respect their own life, determine a meaning of the animal tattoo.