The enhancement of East culture has been restricted the Western people. In tattooing art, it has the same interesting point.

In modern age when people growth fastly, the developing of tattoo is changing positively. In old days, tattoo is being inclined to think that it was a bad mark, and functionally as identification.


Enlargement of tattoo itself is widely and rapidly reach into entire of the world. Even now, the existence of body modification art is extended into Hawaii. This island which is a part of Oceania has a big impact on their tattoos art.


Tattoo craftmanship in Hawaii has the own and original style of tattooing. They have strength in culture, pattern, and concept. But it doesn’t mean that the influences of East designed of tattoo are weakened. They instead made its experience as an affluence culture in the country.


In Hawai, there is a popular studio tattoo with Japanese people as its artist. Famous as Horiyume Tattoo Adam, the same name as the founder of the shop itself. Moreover, they not only attempted the Hawaiian tattoos, but also Japanese tattoo style. The gallery has view decades experience of tattoo shop. Their clients are coming from all the world.

Horiyume was learning tattooing to Japanese tattoo artist, Horiyoshi III. He has passion in tattoos. He interested to Asian tattoo style, it can be seen in his studio. Horiyume has accomplished his own impression characteristic tattoo style. Most of it is massively influence domination by Asian tattoo designed. Especially Japanese tattooing, Tebori.


Tebori is name of tattooing technique from Japan. It’s a handiwork traditional art, many tattooists praised these style for its capability to create subtle gradation that difficult made by machine. By using a steel needle, commonly diameters and shoulders are wider. Rather than by ordinary applying in Western countries. This tattoos technique does not use electricity at all.


Horiyume has been in the tattoo specialty and committed to looking for many talented tattooer in each year to develop his studio. People who are looking for a different sensation of tattoo, different phenomena of tattoo art, is highly recommended to visit this studio.

Although Hawaii has own culture of tattoos designed, such as Gods and Goddess, they keep openness on other tattoo crafts. And the presence of tattoos art from Japan in all over the world is an acceptable thing. That’s a bit of information about Japannese tattoo in Hawaii.