Tattoos Tantrum: Bird Tattoos and Its Meaning

There are a lot of people around the world who use bird tattoos as their personal preferences. Bird tattoos can’t be symbolized into one since each bird and how it is applied, in a flock or a big giant one, have a different meaning. Each type of birds invokes a unique perspective and individual meaning to the people who have it. Aside from that, different culture can alternate the meaning of a tattoo. So here are some meanings of bird tattoos for you so you don’t have to be confused in choosing one.

The clever blue jay tattoos

Although blue jay is closely related to crows and ravens because of its cleverness, blue jay has its own unique bravery. It’s natural characteristic to defend their territory bravely is what makes people use it as a tattoo. Maybe you have known that blue jay will defend its territory at all cost even though the enemy is way bigger than the bird. It also can solve varieties of problems, making the blue jay act as a symbol of survivability. Aside from that it can also represent your high determination, persistence, warrior spirit, and intelligence. It also lives on a long lived tree, making blue jay associated with longevity, wisdom, and intuition. It is a perfect tattoo for you who have strong responsibilities to protect what you have.

The patriotic eagle tattoos

It is commonly used by people in the modern era because a lot of people believe that this bird act as the ruler of the sky. Its natural ability to hunt down its prey with precision and how big it is compared to other people are what make Eagle earned its title. In the United States, the bald eagle is used as the national animal. It represents patriotism, strength, justice, and power. Other countries use a different type of eagle. The Golden eagle is used as national animal in countries like Mexico, Afghanistan, Egypt, Germany, and Scotland since the animal represents a lot of things such as balance, swiftness, dignity, patriotism, courage, adventure, and strength.

Eagle’s hunting ability is very clinical and lethal, making them a great companion to falconers who use them to hunt. When it flies high in the sky, they look like the most peaceful creature alive in the world when they soar upon the heat. A great amount of peace and strength showed by Eagle is what makes them used as the national animal. Strong sense of justice and can’t push people around will emanate from people who have eagle tattoo.

Numerous flock of birds tattoos

As you may know, a lot of bird types cannot fly on their own, making traveling across the sky in a group as their preference. Birds fly in a flock together because, with this, they will gain safety in numbers. Just like humans, birds that live in the flock are social creatures that need friends and companion in order to have a healthy life. Its similarity with human represents joy and freedom. Aside from that, most birds that fly in the group can travel and migrate great distances. Freedom pretty much describes a flock of birds tattoo. There is also another type of tattoos regarding birds. Birds flying from cage represent a new event in life. Petals that turned into birds symbolize carefree lifestyle. The last, Feather that changed into a flock means hope.

The flock of birds often times represents people that are close to you. Friends, family, and acquaintances that you already met in life will join your flock of birds. You have to remember that no birds fly endlessly in a void. They start to fly somewhere and have to end their journey somewhere too, representing life as a journey that will end soon in your own paradise.

The silent owl tattoos

As the opposite of eagle the king of daylight sky, owls rule the dark sky. Big eyes, sharp ear, and soft feathers enable them to sneak silently and hunt down their prey in complete darkness. Some people think that owl’s eyes are cute in some way since it is big and will shine if exposed to light, just like a cat. Although owl has monotonous feather color, its design and patterns are good enough to be applied into a tattoo. This is why owl can be a great tattoo even if it’s just in black.

Each owl has a different meaning. Many cultures believe that death is represented in a shape of an owl since its relation with darkness and hunt down other living beings. Some cultures and myths see owl either as a dead soul on its way to heaven, or a grim reaper ready to take someone’s life. White faced owl is related to wisdom, prophecy, and darkness. Great horned owl mostly represents warrior spirit and perception, while Barn owls act as the symbol of courage and productivity.

The burning Phoenix tattoo

The Middle East is the origins of this beautiful flaming bird. It is a mythical bird that lives in fables around the world that have long tails like a peacock, covered in flame. Egyptian myths believe that Phoenix is the god of the sun, giving life and birth to other living things. Based on this, most cultures represent Phoenix as a symbol of rebirth, death, endurance, renewal, and sun. A classic story explained that an eagle is about to die in flame, but it raised back from ashes, living in a new form and start a new life. Logically, you can compare this to the sun, which sets at the end of the day and then rise again at the start of a new day.

A phoenix tattoo pretty much describes how obstacles in life that have been thrown to the owner turned them into a new person, ready for a new challenge in the future. It is a good choice if you have experienced something that changed you into something better. The death of a Phoenix represents chaos and its rise represents prosperity. Experienced this kind of thing, you will value good and bad times in your entire life.

At the end of the day, each people have their own preference regarding what kind of birds they should use as their tattoo. Different type of birds and their form have distinct meaning towards each other. But, the explanation above pretty much describes the reason why someone chooses a certain type of tattoos, especially bird tattoos.