Real prices on the online shop for Intenze black ink tattoo. Get your high-quality black ink tattoo from Intenze with the best price.

Black ink tattoo is indeed more necessary than the other colors. Black ink tattoo ever not only to give the color shading but also lining and tribal. Standard ink any quality, not just the iconic brand, but also the ingredients, and the resilience of the pigment color that is promised.

Intense is one brand that is already widely used by, the professional tattoo artist ever by novices. Not just its iconic brands, intense also feels more easily applied and more powerful pigment colors. Especially for black ink tattoo Intenze already a mainstay among the professional tattoo artist. Of course to get a good quality you have to replace with an equivalent price. Here are some black ink tattoo prices by Intenze.

Intenze black ink tattoo prices list and description

  • Intenze lining black tattoo ink

Intenze black ink tattoo is one of best lining ink tattoo. No need to worry about safety and health, all intense products have been certified by the lab and will never injure your skin, all skin type. This black ink tattoo price is $8.75 USD per container. You can get it online or visit your dearest ink tattoo shop.

  • Intenze zuper black tattoo ink

This one is best for the tribal style. Intenze made this out for tribal with the best quality. Zuper black tattoo ink has the darkest pigment color among others product by Intenze. Still, with the certificate, all Intenze products have been tested in the lab. You can buy this with $39,99 USD per bottle.

  • Intenze true black tattoo ink

This one will never disappoint you for sharing the solid areas. This kind of black has a thinner pigment real perfect for shading. You must have a different kind of black between outlining and inner area and this one will help you. Intenze gives this with $8,75 USD per bottle.

  • Formula 23 original black tattoo ink

This product is one of black ink tattoo recommended by so many artist tattoos, like BJ Betts. He satisfied with this quality because it is so fast in applying such a perfect for lettering. You can have this with $45,00 USD.

Those are some black ink tattoo prices from Intenze. I hope you will find the one you loved and get your best final tattoo.