Tattoos can be used for noble purposes. For example in the mission of solidarity which is in a form of social movement that is: Breast Cancer Symbols Tattoo, Lung Cancer Symbols Tattoo or in another symbolic tattoo that have supportive functions.

In this case, the relation of tattoo art with the social world is, the tattoo as any other artwork is the result of emotional engineering that overflows into a work (creative work). Thus, in practice, this tattoo has a special value that is a form of appreciation to the community itself.

This is why tattoo is considered as art, not as a form of activity that is not useful and tends to be known as an activity that identically harming and can cause a hedonic culture.

From a social perspective, showing solidarity through tattoo, for example to support a patient with a particular disease is a form of realization of a collective emotional value which connected with most people who trying to convey their empathy through solidarity action using tattoos with certain symbols as in the social solidarity movement in Breast cancer symbols tattoo.

This action can have a good effect on a patient so that his life spirits increase because he knows that there is a group of people who voice their support and sympathy and make a patient feeling like not fight alone since there are people who fight together with them.

It is conceivable how much influence a tattoo artist can make through his tattooed work and then the feeling is conveyed. In general, one of the tattoo functions as a voice distribution medium is fulfilled.

Breast cancer symbol tattoo and other tattoos bring a significant impact to overcome the level of hopelessness and depression that affects a patient. If someone can reduce that to help society then no doubt the art of carving and painting that can carry the mission.

meaning to be conveyed through a tattoo made very sharp in penetrating the feeling of the object to be its purpose. The manufacturing process also gives the impression that the pain was borne is not personal but must be borne collectively.

This is why tattoo has so much role in conveying empathy from one person to another. This actually assures us that tattoo has a specialty than any other form of artwork can’t do, sometimes all we have to do is understand how it will work anyway.