Butterfly Tattoos have been considered as an inspiration for tattoos since a very long time ago. The reason is that the animal itself is small but very beautiful. The wings of the butterflies also varies depends on the species of the butterfly itself. And some of the wings have a very beautiful designs and color. Therefore they are usually a first choice when it comes to getting a tattoo especially for a woman. And the reason for the animal to be considered as the first choice in tattoos is not only because of the “Look” but also because of the “Lifecycle” process of the creature itself as well. The creature, butterfly as we all know has a four cycle of life in its life. From simply an egg laid by the adult butterfly then turning into a caterpillar. Afterwards, the caterpillar then enter the Cocoon phase and only then the final form of the winged creature emerged from the cocoon and become one fully adult butterfly. Therefore, due to this Metamorphosis life cycle of the creature, the butterfly tattoo is often described as the Reincarnation or Rebirth in meaning. Due to the process of the metamorphosis from an ugly cocoon to a beautiful winged creature gives humanity thinks that is also the path of life cycle which any humans would take in their lives.

Butterfly Tattoos Various Meanings in Mythology and Folklore

In Japan, Butterfly is seen as the personification of the human’s soul. One of their superstition stated that if one of the winged creature enters a person’s guestroom and perches behind the bamboo screen, then the person would likely to get a visit from the person they love most and it does not matter whether the loved person in particular is dead or alive. However, the appearance of the winged creature will not only demonstrated good omen but also bad omen as well. It is believed in Japan that the appearance of mass amount of butterflies is related to upcoming apparition of evil.

The butterfly is often associated with the meanings of grace, elegant, and beauty. Therefore it is natural that it is used for symbolizing feminists, charm, and style. The symbol and the meaning differs in different cultures in the world. The variation of colors of the butterfly itself also gives meaning to each variation of beliefs and superstition. In Asian, it is believed that the appearance of the Black Butterfly means the REBIRTH of people or something. The reason is that Black Winged Colored Butterfly represents the the terms of longevity and the shifting of power. Therefore, black butterfly symbolizes the upcoming possible positive changes of current situation in the near future. However, in another various part of the world, the appearance of the black butterfly symbolize the “Death” itself. Therefore if a house is visited by a black butterfly means that the house is visited by the “Death” itself and it is possible that one of the house members might possible dies in the near future. In the lore of the Ireland people, black butterflies are the souls of the deceased people which has yet to found their place in the afterlife. Thus, the black butterflies sometimes fly into the people’s home when they were alive as if they were in a state that they were still living in a house. In certain part of the world, the black butterfly symbolize the witch herself. It is believed that the witches transform themselves into butterflies in order to avoid recognition. And so the witches can eat any food they like in the form of black butterfly.

In certain native tribes, it is believed that the butterflies are messages sent by the spirit world. The message depends on the colors of their wings. Black means bad news or diseases, yellow symbolizes hope and guidance, brown represent important news, red signifies upcoming important event and white is the embodiment of good luck.

Varieties of Butterfly tattoo Design and Meaning   

There are varieties of popular butterfly tattoos in recent popular arts tattoo. Each design has its own meaning to be related with. These are seven variations of beautiful butterfly designs for you to choose if you are considering having a tattoo:

  1. Blue Butterfly
  • This design signifies “good luck”. As the bearer of this tattoo may be granted good luck in his/her life.
  1. Japanese Butterfly
  • The design symbolizes marriage which is used to commemorate weddings and anniversaries.
  1. White Butterfly
  • The design in Christianity context signifies the purity and salvation. Therefore, it is hoped that the bearer of this tattoo may be granted salvation and pureness in his/her life.
  1. Rose and Butterfly
  • This design represent the symbol of love. Usually the people in who are in love would choose this design to represent their love towards their love partner.
  1. Butterfly & Dragonfly
  • Combined of both creatures represent the symbol of inner peace. As the reason for this belief is that the dragonfly itself dwell in the water and the air. The water is the embodiment of subconscious and meditation while the air symbolized transformation. While the butterfly represent Freedom and prosperity.
  1. Dragon & Butterfly
  • The two different creatures has two whole different meanings. But by combining them, the meaning of “Prosperity and Luck”comes to life. The dragon is the embodiment of strength and power while the butterfly is the embodiment of beauty and elegance. Therefore the combined of both creatures represent the balance of both forces complementing each other.
  1. Angels & Butterfly
  • Angels are viewed as the messenger of Gods and the protectors of humanity. Combined with the butterfly which signifies the beauty and innocence, both elements become the symbol of the protection for innocent souls. The bearer of this design viewed themselves as being who is being tasked by the higher being to guide the innocent people towards the path of light.

Apart from the design, it is important for you to choose where to put the tattoo on the body. Since the tattoo is usually permanent it is best to keep in mind whether you want to put the tattoo on the visible part of the body or not. Hopefully, this article will facilitate your choice making in choosing the best butterfly tattoos.