The person’s awareness against cancer not only with compensation for the material, symbol symbols tape can also be applied as a form of caring. Cancer Ribbon Heart Tattoo is one form of concern for the less fortunate fellow for those sufferers of various types of cancer.

Cancer Ribbon Heart Tattoo

There are several color ribbon symbol on cancer patients who have a different meaning in each color. Using the symbol of cancer ribbons can be felt for those suffering from cancer as a sense of caring people who do not have cancer.

But there is also the former cancer patients who use the symbol as a cancer awareness ribbons to the sufferer. But a few others who gave tattoo on their skin as a matter that are very deep.


Cancer Ribbon Heart Tattoo

Here are the meanings of the colors of cancer ribbons color matched at once used to make the tattoo.


  • Pink Ribbon Pink Ribbon is most commonly associated with breast cancer. In addition, the pink ribbon is also the symbol of awareness of cancer in children.
  • Yellow ribbons most commonly associated with bladder cancer
  • Red Ribbon is a symbol of multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer, and oral cancer.
  • Purple Ribbon symbolizes pancreatic cancer and testicular cancer.

  • Gray Ribbon is the symbol of awareness for brain cancer, diabetes, and asthma.
  • Blue Ribbon symbol of awareness of prostate cancer.
  • Orange Ribbons symbolize the concern for kidney cancer, leukemia, malnutrition syndrome and multiple sclerosis.
  • Black Ribbon Symbolizes concern for melanoma is also used to symbolize the concern on terrorism, the State of mourning, concern for the tendency of suicide.
  • Gold Ribbons symbolize the concern and support on cancer among children

  • Clear Ribbon Symbolizes support and attention to lung cancer, emphysema, as well as multiple sclerosis.
  • The White Ribbon Symbolizes concern for bone cancer, diabetes, of Justice, of victims of terrorism, peace, human rights, sexual abuse of students, and anti-pornography against minors.
  • Green Ribbons symbolizing the awareness of eye cancer, depression, missing children, care of the environment, safety and disease glaucoma.

  • Bluish Green Ribbons symbolizing the awareness of ovarian cancer, a victim of the tsunami, anti-bullying, congenital diaphragm hernia disease, Tourette’s syndrome, and neuralgia
  • White Green Ribbon is used for awareness of cervical cancer.

Above is a reference to the color of the Ribbon against cancer, can also be applied as a tattoo against the concern on the cancer survivors. Because with just the symbol they are very happy and feel his life is cherished. Hopefully useful!