Check These Unique Celebrity Tattoos

Having a tattoo is not a negative thing or a criminal. Having a tattoo is an art expression poured in the form of pictures and writing that actually has a certain meaning behind it. Many people feel confused in expressing themselves, and tattoos are one form of expressions of self-expression. Although people’s views vary about tattoos, but if you want it then there is no harm to tattoo your body parts. Even celebrities are also many who tattooed his body parts as expressions of self. But keep in mind is that tattoos are things that are permanent. So you have to establish yourself first before tattooing your body. Do not let when you have tattooed your body then you change your mind to remove it. Because if you have tattooed your body, then the ink of the tattoo will be embedded beneath the surface of the skin so it will not disappear even if it has been washed water repeatedly. As for removing permanent tattoos, you have to perform laser surgery and this also requires a large cost and long maintenance. Therefore you should think carefully before making a decision to tattoo your body. As a reference for you, below you will get some information about celebrity tattoos. References to various tattoos made by this celebrity vary greatly from the design, size, and place where they decide to tattoo themselves. There are even some celebrities who make tattoos with a clear meaning. Therefore, now tattoo is not just a trend, but it is a choice of someone to express themselves as not to harm others.

  1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a young celebrity who decided to tattoo some parts of his body such as arms, neck, to the chest. This controversial singer is also open to public about his tattoos. He even uploaded a few photos about tattoos on his body through his instagram account. In addition Justin also often use clothes that make tattoos on his body increasingly visible, but he remains confident with his appearance and not really care about the opinions of others about his tattoos. Some of Justin Bieber’s tattoos are about gods, writings and some pictures that are hard to describe. The more adult, the thinking people will experience a change, as well as Justin Bieber. One of the tattoos on his body there is that reads “Better at 70”. When confirmed about the tattoos he made, Bieber said that he made the tattoo because he has passed many events in life. But regret is not something to do when he makes mistakes, but keeps on improving every day. Justin says that he wants to work hard and earnest every day so he will get a better life at the age of 70 later. The tattoos he made were also a reminder to him, so that when he saw the tattoo he never forgot his commitment to himself to work hard every day. It is a deep meaning of the tattoo.

  1. John Mayer

The singer who is loved by many of these women also decided to tattoo his body. John Mayer tattoos his body in the arm, because that’s the most visible part. This is a masculine symbol that John Mayer also wants to show on him. One of John Mayer’s ways to express himself not only through songs, poems and beautiful music but also through tattoos on his body. Each tattoo image on his body has its own meaning even though Mayer did not explain it in detail but he says that it has a certain meaning behind it. But the unique of the tattoo on the arm of John Mayer is the color of the tattoo is quite colorful and does not seem creepy. In addition to drawing, John Mayer also wrote the lyrics of a song that he thought had a deep meaning on the arm of his hand.

  1. Miley Cyrus

Celebrity from Hollywood who is very closely known as Hannah Montana is also decided to tattoo his body. Miley is now very different from the old Miley. Now he appears more expressive with all the styles he wants, including with his body tattoo. But his tattoos are not full and large like a man. She still has her feminine nature. Although some men who have won his heart and have an affair with him, but for Miley, his father is a man who he loved and proud. Therefore he tattooed his feet with the words ‘DAD’ right near the soles of the feet. His father is a king who can always win his heart. Yes, Billy Ray Cyrus is a very significant figure in Miley’s life. Billy is also a very supportive figure of Miley’s career since childhood until today. Miley Cyrus’s tattoo is an expression of how much he loved his father. Short, solid, yet clear and easy to catch. Tattoos are not only as a form of impression on a person’s personality, but even with the tattoo is usually a person’s personality can be described and seen. Because the choice of tattoo character on each person is different and it shows the character of his personality.

  1. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is one of the young celebrities who attract enough public attention with various things she did. Not just about fashion, acting, and various things related to the world of celebrities. But she is also known to be concerned with social activities and often do charity activities. In addition, she is also a young celebrity who knows very well how to express the right way. Cara is also have a tattoo. Although it is not too flashy and only in a small size, but this tattoo is enough to suck public attention. Cara’s tattoo has a small size and beautiful design, but it is also full of meaning. Cara do tattoo her finger with a snake that spreads on one of her fingers. This tattoo symbolizes his courage in the face of life and he symbolizes it with a snake.

Based on the text above we already know some things about celebrity tattoos and also the meaning behind it. Apparently tattooing is not just a trend, but it is also a way to express self-expression of someone who is also usually full of meaning. There is an important meaning hidden behind the tattoo. In addition tattoos can also describe a person’s personality. Hopefully this article useful for you and can inspire you who want to tattoo your body.