Getting Inked with Color Tattoos

Color tattoos are somehow a new innovation of the old tattoo. As we know, tattoo is first known widely with the color of black and grey. The color indeed looks old but it will end up good on your skin with a great tattoo artist. As the new innovation of tattooing is in high demand nowadays, many artists out there will offer you the best tattoo they can make. The offer comes from the color choices and how difficult the design will be. However, you need to know several things about tattoo like what will be discussed below.

Things to Know about Color Tattoos

Tattoo is used widely around the world. It is commonly known coming from several cultures and tribes. The history noted that the first evidence of the use of tattoo was in before century. It is such a long periods of time indeed. The first tattoo on human body was found in mummies of female Egyptian. Those were not the only ones since several mummies with tattoo were also found in some places in the world. In addition, the use of tattoo has a close relation with a tradition and ritual. Tattoo can be a symbol to show something as it is found in Borneo. Women in Borneo may have a different tattoo on their body depending on what skill they acquire. It is different from the use of tattoo in Aztecs, Incas, and Mayan that is primarily used for rituals. Years after, getting tattooed is known for self-expression even though the tattoo is still a tradition in some cultures. Talking about the color of tattoo, dark or black color was mostly used. Another color was also found, but it came from other tribes or cultures. Nowadays, the variety of color is growing well. You can choose a various color in a tattoo today and the studio or tattoo artist will make it happen. Another great thing of tattooing is that it gets better in the technology. The tools of tattooing are getting faster in doing the job and it is believed to make you in less pain.

How to Take Care a New Tattoo


As you are having a new tattoo on your body, you should know how to take care of it properly. Taking care of it in a right way will give you a best healing and a good look that you have dreamed about. To make it happen, let’s check these out.

  1. Do as what said by the studio or the tattoo artist


Every single studio will have different kind of advices regarding the aftercare of new tattoo. To make your tattoo look like what you want, ask for some advices and do as what is told by the studio or the tattoo artist. Some studios have instructions written on a leaflet and they will give it to you later, so you do not need to worry. If they don’t have ones, just ask any advice that will work best.

  1. Wash the tattoo after several hours

Most of studio or tattoo artist will advise you to keep the tattoo covered for the first several hours. If you do that, you can wash gently the tattoo right after you open the coverage. You can use warm water and a liquid soap which is mild.

  1. Put some moisturizer

Depending to your tattoo artist or studio, you will get an advice to apply a moisturizer on your tattoo. You just need to apply a thin layer. The moisturizer which has no scent is the best to use. The use of moisturizer itself is to recover. Another way of recovering is the use of clingfilm or gauze or leaves the tattoo as it is. All of recovering way can be done as instructed.

  1. Keep it dry and clean

You can have a shower along with the tattoo on your body, but you are not allowed to soak the tattoo in a bath. You should do it at least for a month. If you wear clothes that will probably rub on your tattoo, make sure to cover the tattoo with a cling film or gauze.

  1. Apply a sunscreen or sunblock

Keep the tattoo away from the sunlight at first. After you recover, a sunscreen or sunblock can be applied to avoid sunlight that may destroy the color of the tattoo.

  1. Do not itch your tattoo

The tattoo may flake or scab lightly and it itches sometimes. Do not scratch it and all you need to do is just slap it lightly if it gets itch.

Last but not least, you can do some touch-ups to the tattoo if necessary after several weeks or months. In addition, you have to be patient to wait the new tattoo recover itself by doing advices that have been told to you.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Knowing advantages and disadvantages may help you on deciding to get a tattoo. Here is information regarding the use of tattoo. Hope it helps you out.

Advantages: 1) you can choose various colors to use to enrich the look of your tattoo, 2) you can also choose any design you want to be inked on your skin,3) it is such an art that shows your expression.

Disadvantages: 1) it is such a pain to get a tattoo, 2) tattooing has a risk of getting infection, 3) if you desire to remove the tattoo, you need to go through a painful way again to do so.

There is one thing in common as advantage and as disadvantage. That one thing is the fact that tattoos last forever. It is such an advantage for people who have a strong desire to get inked. As the tattoo lasts forever, they will be happy to know that it won’t fade away easily. However, having a tattoo that lasts forever can be such a disadvantage. It is likely happen to people who dislike seeing the tattoo that gets wrinkled as people get older. In the end, you need to consider all pros and cons of having color tattoos.