Cosmetic Tattoo Los Angeles is a permanent makeup that is the trend nowadays to save time in using makeup.

Permanent makeup on the face does in lips and eyebrows. This tattoo makes you no need to conceal lipstick or flatten the eyebrows every day. You can go to work, swim, and even sleep with the permanent makeup that does not fade.

For people who are experiencing loss of eyebrows or alopecia and lack of skin pigmentation or vitiligo, the tattoo is very useful to disguise the condition. But, you should be aware because all strange objects that are attached to the skin and permanent can bring risks.


Process of making cosmetic tattoo

Then, the tattoo artist will make patterns in the area that want to be tattooed. This area will be oil with pain relief gel. Furthermore, the pigment is given on the surface of the skin using a sterile needle vibrate.


The area of skin that has been tattooed in the beginning will be flushed and swollen. After three weeks, the color of the ink will be brighter and be permanent.

Cold compresses and antibiotics are needed to prevent infection and swelling. After tattooed, you also need to avoid sun exposure for several weeks. If wishing to travel during the day, use sunscreen on skin tattooed.


Place to get cosmetic tattoo, Los Angeles

  1. Irene’s Skin Topia

Irene is an artist who gives tattoo cosmetics treatment at her studio Irene’s Skin Topia. It is located at 3130 W Olympic Blvd Ste 270 Los Angeles, CA.


  1. Caress Permanent Makeup

It is located at 3544 W Olympic Blvd Ste 211 Los Angeles, CA. Julie and Michele are the artists who give treatments to their clients.


  1. Jewlz Park Beauty

It is located at 3810 Wilshire Blvd Unit Ste 304 Los Angeles, CA. The serve the best treatment of permanent makeup and eyebrow service.


Those are about cosmetic tattoo Los Angeles. Before you go to get permanent makeup, certainly you should consider the risks because it is once in a lifetime.