Tattoos and Its Very Popular Design, Cross Tattoos

Is cross tattoo design only for Christians? Is flowery tattoo only for women? Sometimes such kind of questions fulfill your mind when you are in the middle of consideration of what you should choose to put on your body as a body artwork. It is clear that certain aspects are really important to consider before going to a tattoo shop and talking to the artist about your tattoo. However, people today are very open minded. They sometimes do not really care about boundaries anymore in anything, and so it goes for choosing a tattoo design for their body.

Types of Tattoos

Considering a tattoo design to be inked on your body is already a fun thing to do. There are many types of tattoo designs that you can choose as an artistic enhancement for your entire body. You can get some references from websites or tattoo magazines before you finally decide what kind of a tattoo design that fits for you. If you do not pay attention to what will the design be for your body, then you will not be satisfied with the result.

Among the very diverse types of tattoo there are some that still become popular for the people today. Traditional tattoo design is great for you who seek for an old school art. If you want to have a tattoo of a portrait of someone or something real, a realism tattoo design will be the best option for you. Sometimes you want to be identified as a person of a certain tribe or culture, then a tribal tattoo can be showing who you really are since it can also show certain philosophical ideas of your tribe. A watercolor tattoo is popular today for some tattoo enthusiast because of its color palette that is sometimes poetic for certain people.

Black and Colorful Tattoos

Color remains an important aspect of the art of tattoo. However, an individual preference remains a more important aspect for tattoo artists to satisfy their customers. There are people who love all-black tattoo and there are also people who worship colorful tattoo.

Blackwork, as a popular term for black tattoo art, is often chosen by the people who wants to be very natural in the ink section. The blackwork tattoo has been a trend in these recent years. The elegance of an art of black ink is what makes a tattoo looks elegant for some people. The blackwork tattoo is essentially a new way of reviving the tribal tattoo. Developing the essential tribal tattoo that always uses black ink, many tattoo artists nowadays work on the blackwork tattoo as an advancement of a tribal tattoo, improving on the ways they draw the tribal designs into the more modern ones.

Another trending example of a black tattoo is the blackout tattoo. This kind of a black tattoo design is a more painful one. Why? Because mostly, it uses more or bigger needles to get it done. Many tattoo enthusiasts take the advantage of a blackout tattoo to cover their past tattoos. Blackout tattoos can be a very great decision for you if you want to make your body artwork appears fresher and more elegant.

Colorful tattoos come very handy for those with a bright skin. The plus of this tattoo design is that you can explore any kind of creations into an inked one. Even though they are surely more expensive, you can always convert any images you like with any color you like in the colorful tattoo designs. Today’s watercolor tattoo is a trend widely liked by many tattoo enthusiasts. It will surely create a beautifully detailed artwork on your body because it covers almost every colorful kind of shade and shape into a tattoo design.

Tattoos for Men and Women

Even though tattoos are unisex, there are certain designs that fit differently for men and women. These designs sometimes are related to symbols or things that are masculine or feminine. Still, sometimes people do not really care about the symbols, and they just paint what they like and they think will be good-looking on their body.

Animals, skull, and once again, tribal designs are often considered a more of men designs. Animals, real and mythological, such as lion, eagle, and dragon are among the popular species to be chosen as a tattoo design. Skull can be considered as a dark, gothic design. It is chosen by so many men to create an awesomely masculine look on their body. Tribal tattoo design is a men choice when they want to state that they belong to certain ideology and culture. The sharpness look of a tribal design also gives a masculine look to their body.

For women, there are several tattoo designs that can be chosen to make your body artwork look as beautiful as yourselves. Flowery designs are the most popular designs for women because generally flower is the symbol of women. Flowers like roses, tulips, and orchids are considerably popular and very beautiful to be inked on women’s body parts.

Cross Tattoos

The most chosen tattoo design is cross tattoo. It is a very popular design because it is limitless to every person. Cross tattoo is of course genderless, meaning that men and women can choose cross as their body artwork and they will still be who they are. Cross tattoo also does not really bounded by Christian dogmas; it can be a very blatant symbol of life and death.

Cross tattoo for men can be inked with a tribal design. It can also be inked for men with an old school design or realism design of a real cross to make it looks great. For women, cross tattoo design can be inked with a flowery design, for example women can tattoo a brown cross with a few of roses surrounding the cross. Another choice can be a cross with some feminine color like pink.

Once again, one of the very appropriate tattoo designs for you to consider is nothing but a cross tattoo. Unisex, ageless, and limitless, cross tattoo design has always been everyone’s go-to choice for their body artwork. At last, if you want to tattoo yourself and you do now know what should be tattooed on your body, the best choice is the cross tattoo.