If you want to design your own tattoo lettering, you have to consider more about the best ways to do that. Surely, it must be planned in well-carefully so that the result of the tattoo will make you satisfied. Many say if it is not an easy thing to do but rather difficult. Why is that? Yes because it is making lettering is not easy but it takes a concept and a detailed thinking to be able to produce the work that is really perfect. If you really want to choose a suitable lettering design, then there is some advice you should consider and follow.

Advice 1# Look for Some Inspirations

You are impossible to design your own tattoo lettering without having some inspiration first. That inspiration will really help you to get a very good result. It is therefore advisable for you to look for many very good designs and also promising. You can find from several sources in fact depending on the search being performed.

Advice 2# Look at Portfolio of the Artist

The next best way you can do is to look at some artist portfolio results. You can find it in some sources actually either on the internet media, or by coming directly to the artist or studio where the artist works. If you want a more detailed and direct question, then the best way is to come directly to the location of the artist studio.


Advice 3# Pick the Right Font Letter

If you want to apply tattoo lettering, it is important actually for you to find the right font. This is sometimes quite difficult because there are indeed many choices of fonts to choose from. Then which fonts work best? Of course this should be based on a number of considerations as well as from results that have been tried by others. In other words, inspiration from the work of others will be very important to know.


Advice 4# Make Sure to Apply in the Right Place

Another concern you should consider well is about choosing the right body location to install the tattoo. Although there are some parts of tattoos that can be set tattoo, but not all match. Design adjustments should also be considered. Therefore to be more clear and precise, you better consult with a professional artist who has an experience on design your own tattoo lettering.





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