Dragon Tattoos History, Meaning, and Design

Dragon Tattoos are powerful and famous design for men and women. This tattoo has a variety of shading, detail, and size but this tattoo depiction is often shown in large sizes. There are several properties and attributes related to the dragon. These qualities are independence, courage, and strength. This article will discuss the meaning and design of this tattoo. You can find inspiration by reading this article.


Dragon is the most legendary creature in folklore and mythology. Dragons are part of the culture in many countries. Countries that often tell the Dragon is Vietnam, Japan, China, and so forth. Eastern civilization says that the Dragon is the noblest being. The dragon has amazing strength and appreciation. This story is different from the mythology in European civilization. The civilization depicts the dragon as a dark and evil creature. Dragon has many meanings. A civilization can assume that a dragon is a symbol of wisdom and power but other civilizations can tell that a dragon is a symbol of a bad omen and a greedy nature. The Chinese made the dragon a symbol of good faith, good fortune, and wisdom. The Japanese say that a dragon is a symbol of balance. This tattoo design is shown with a dragon that uses a crown. This is a picture of strength. The Celtic style is the most popular design to describe the dragon. The Eastern Dragon is considered a beast full of glory. The dragon can provide protection and wisdom.

Ancient Western culture assumes that the Dragon is the most frightening creature. The dragon can pose a threat to humans. The dragon is a dark and scary animal. The culture has similarities in describing dragons. Dragon is described as the most intelligent animal and can go anywhere. This proves that the tattoo can describe the freedom of life and soul in your body. The dragon is a symbol of strength, protection, and wisdom. The dragon can make the enemy feel scared. This story is always found in western movies. You must have seen a movie about a knight who can kill a dragon to get a princess’s love. The ancient culture has paid the highest honor for someone who can kill a dragon. You can think of a story from Beowulf that can conquer a dragon.


Dragon can be made with various styles and designs. Tattoo artists can create dragons with dramatic style, cartoon, abstract, and realistic. There are many artists who use solid ink to get a tribal tattoo style that looks cool on your body. There are many people who love tribal tattoos that are full of color and look real. You can choose black, solid, and so forth. This tattoo consists of various colors and designs. The shape of the tattoo can be manipulated so that this tattoo is suitable for all locations in your body. The most popular area for this tattoo dragon drawing is near the shoulders. The Chinese do not combine various symbols. Usually Chinese mafia members combine all these symbols. It is considered a criminal and low crime. Number nine is the most special symbol for Chinese people. The nine walls of the dragon are the fences you can find in the imperial gardens and Chinese places. Senior officials are people who may use the cloak with a symbol of nine dragons. Lower officials may only use the number eight.

The Meaning of Dragons in Japan and China

Asian dragons are the most popular creatures for tattoos. The dragon can be described with or without wings. The dragon has a shape like scales. Other tattoos have a cartoon style with horns and mustaches. The dragon can be connected to the sea and the sky. Dragon from Japan has a slim shape and no wings. The dragon has only three claws. Dragon of China has a fire beard and five claws. The dragon portrays the kingdom of heaven. Asian dragons are a symbol of balance. The Chinese call the dragon as Yin and Yang. The Chinese believe that balance can be found from Yin and Yang. Actually, a dragon is a mixture of evil and goodness. Japanese dragons are depicted in color. This is a mythological creature that originated in Japanese culture for hundreds of years. The dragon can represent luck, freedom, and balance. The dragon is also called a wise being who possesses supernatural powers.

There are many people who use dragons as a symbol of balance for life. Balance is a symbol for success. The Chinese dragon represents fear and strength. Dragon horns are the strongest symbols. Celestial Dragons is a symbol for the patron of heaven and god. Earth Dragons are the rulers of the earth. The yellow dragon is a symbol for people famous for their intelligence and knowledge. Treasure Dragons are in charge of protecting valuable elements such as gems. The Spiritual Dragon can control rain and the wind. The dragon circle is a symbol for people living in the ocean.

Han-Riu is a dragon that has lines all over the body. This is the largest dragon that has a length of up to 40 feet. Kai-Riu is a dragon with a red color that looks beautiful. This dragon is smaller than the other types. Seue Riu is the king of all dragons that can control the rain. Riu-Riu is the rarest type and this dragon has great eyesight. Hai-Rio is a dragon bird that has evolved from Chinese history. Fuku Riu is the lucky dragon.

Dragon color also has a beautiful meaning. Black is a symbol for wise parents. Green is a symbol of life on earth. Blue is a symbol for Westerners. They represent forgiveness, compassion, and laziness. The yellow color is a symbol for Eastern people who can help others and have selfish nature. Gold is a symbol of goodness, help, and wisdom.

Before the Tattoo

You should have enough time to determine the style of tattoo that suits your personality. You must remember that you will live with that tattoo for the rest of your life. There are many tattoos that cannot be removed with a laser so you have to convince yourself before getting a tattoo. You should consider your work before getting a tattoo. There are many professions that do not prohibit tattoos on your body. You should also consider the body parts that will get the tattoo. You should choose a closed body area so that your tattoo does not become a problem in the future. That’s simple tips before getting Dragon Tattoos.