Everything To Know About Tattoo Laser Removal

This article contains everything you need to know about Tattoo Laser Removal. People often like to “engrave” tattoo into their body in order to remind them of something in life, or simply for fun or art purposes only. Especially for a youngster who still has unstable and filled with fun the only mind.

Tattoo, however, mostly gives out negative stigma in the working society, therefore, causing a limited number of employment probability. This, in fact, is one of the common reason of the tattoo removal. Nowadays, the popular treatment for the tattoo is with the Laser removal method. Before this method, the other techniques for removing the tattoo would normally involve destruction effect techniques and therefore caused more complications and side effects in or after the removal process. The Tattoo Laser Removal in simple explanation is a method where the laser of intense light is being shot through the tattooed area harmlessly and turning them into small particles which is then removed the body’s natural filtering system. Tattoo Laser Removal method has been proved to be the most effective and less “complications” way of complete tattoo removal method.

The Pain & Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

The procedure of the removal process differs depending on the tattoo characteristic and the tattooed person himself. Majority of the people who have gone through this Removal process stated that the removal process is like “hot rubber band popping the skin at first, but it gradually becomes more painful as the removal progress”. Usually the usage of ice or numbing cream and local injections are applied in order to help ease the pain but still, normally the pain can still be felt throughout the skin in the removal process. Sometimes it even bleeds or causes bruises in the process. And for period of the removal process, it all depends on the size and the “characteristic” of the tattoo itself. Different type of ink and colors may cause the removal process longer and therefore cause more sessions of removal process necessary. Therefore, no doubt more pain in the removal process will be involved.

And also For the COST part of this removal process, it all depends on the doctor’s fee and medical stuff applied and also the amount sessions necessary to be carried out. The cost range normally may differ from $75 to $150 per session. Private Clinics in England normally charge their patients for £150 for each session. Therefore for the complete removal of a tattoo can be a bit costly because the treatment cost is not only applied on the removal process itself but also for the “Aftermath Treatment” of the removal process as well. Majority of the people who have gone through this removal process stated that the cost of the removal process is usually TEN TIMES or more the cost of getting the tattoo itself. And what makes it worse is that most insurance carriers usually do NOT cover the process as it is considered a personal option unless it is medically essential.

Risk of Laser Tattoo Removal

It is recommended for the patients and also the person who is conducting the process of laser tattoo removal to use a google or other eye protective gear because the laser light has the damage potential which could harm the eyes and cause eyesight complication. And for the person who is undergoing the laser treatment process, there is the risk of associated complications due to the exposure of continuous laser light. Imagine for the large size of tattoo and complex characteristic which may require MANY sessions of laser removal treatment and therefore can deliberately cause the high risk of complications or infections. Aside from the infection health effects, there is also a slight possibility that the removal process may leave the tattooed person a PERMANENT SCAR. And also the possibility of hypopigmentation where the treated skin is usually darker than the non-treated skin may occur as well. However, due to today’s technology and professional grading system protocol, the percentage possibility of those incidents is quite rare.

Factors of Laser Tattoo Removal Length Treatment

Several main factors which determine the length of the removal process are as follows:

  1. Tattoo Ink Colors
    • Darker inks Tattoo are easier to be disposed of compared to lighter inks tattoo.
  • Skin Tone
    • Darker Skin usually takes a longer time to be “Tattoo Free” as slower higher wavelength laser is necessary for this type of skin because the faster lower wavelength might cause the hypopigmentation.
  • Tattoo Location
    • The part with higher blood and lymph node count such as face and the neck is easier for the removal process. Therefore parts with lower blood and lymph node count such as the arms and the legs are more difficult to be removed.
  • Size
    • This is the obvious factor of the Period necessary for the removal process. The bigger the tattoo, the longer the removal process takes.
  • Age
    • Older Tattoo needs fewer times to be removed than new Tattoo.
  • Depth of inks
    • The deeper the inks penetrated the skin during the tattoo given process, the harder the tattoo inks to be removed. Ironically, the professional tattooist usually would penetrate the skin deeper in order to provide the better outcome.

What to do After the Removal Process?

The Aftermath of the Laser Removal Process would be the essential step to minimize the complication risk. As mentioned above for the possibility of the scarring has become quite a rare occasion, it might still possible due to the patients not properly follow the instructions given by the doctors. Usually, the doctors or the practitioner will ask the patient to sign the consent form which addressing the risk procedure and emphasize the AFTERCARE steps for the treatment.

Picking the itchy scabs and improper care of the blisters would deliberately cause the scar to appear. There are even patients who may have the history of keloid and more susceptible to scarring. Keeping the skin clean will surely help avoid the infection risk. And usage of petroleum ointment would also be one of the correct ways in assisting the skin’s healing process. And the treated area should be covered in sterile bandages for at least a week after each session of the removal process. Overall, it is highly recommended for the patients to properly follow the instructions given in order for unwanted results. Keep in mind that it is the immune system of the body that will properly clean up the tattoo, therefore it is necessary to keep a healthy body and lifestyle for maximum results. Hopefully, this article might help with the information my beloved readers needed who are considering the Tattoo Laser Removal.