Face Tattoos: Things You Should Keep In Mind before You Ink

Do you ever think to have face tattoos? Well, before you decide to ink your face, it will be better if you consider all the aspects carefully. So, why is that important? And what reasons that most people have to get face tattoos?

Reasons of Most People to Have Face Tattoos

Well, people’s opinion about tattoos is divided within society. Some groups of society think that having them on our body is fine but some other groups say that tattoos will show bad image. For years, people think that tattoos will cause you to get bad reputation and those who have them on their body are often considered as bad member of society. Is this opinion still accepted now?

In its development, tattoos become popular body decorating art. Now, more people decide to have them on their body skin, include on the face though there is only little number of people to have face tattoos. If we trace back to the ancient times, tattoos were something common in the past. People in ancient times tattooed their face mostly for religion, tradition, and cultural reasons. But people now have different reasons for doing that. Tattoo, particularly on the face is considered as a personal statement and self-expression. Mostly, they want to be considered as “different and unique” in their environment. It is also done to show the freedom of expression in art. Some people also have face tattoos simply because of economic reasons. Strangely, they rent their face as advertisement space using tattoos. But whatever the reason is, make sure that it is the good one because you don’t want to regret later it in the future.

What You Should Consider Before Tattooing Your Face

Though tattooing body skin, especially on arms, chest, and back is something common now, tattooing skin face is still rarely done. Injecting ink on skin face is considered as “bad choice” even among tattoos lovers. It is true that tattooing face is a choice of life and can be your personal statement. But, having face tattoos will also limit your choices of life. There are many cases in which people with tattooed face get difficulty to find a job. Beside, covering your good looking face with permanent pictures is not a good idea. For women, they will lose their chance to enjoy the various makeup to make their face look more beautiful. Thus, you should have good reasons and strong willing to have face tattoos. It is because unlike tattoos on other parts of body which can be covered easily once you think it is necessary, covering face tattoos can be more difficult to do. Moreover, it is not easy to remove permanent tattoo once you have it in your skin. The removing process of tattoo is much more painful than creating it. You will spend much time and money in doing the process. In removing a single tattoo, you will need repeated visit to dermatologist. The visit depends on the size of the tattoo. The process also costs a lot of money. So, just think carefully before you ink your skin face!

Face Tattoos Ideas and the Meaning

If you want to have face tattoos, it is better to find out what best tattoos ideas to inspire you. The form of tattoos can be varying, include themed images, quotes, numbers, patterns, hieroglyphs, letters, etc. Certain tattoo ideas also have certain meaning. You better do some researches first before ink your skin so the tattoo will not only have good image but meaningful. Here are some ideas for face tattoos and the meaning. Just choose the most suitable one for you.

  1. Daggers and Knives

Daggers and knives images symbolize power, determination, protection, freedom, and durability. Those images are suitable for both men and women face tattoos.

  1. Stars

Stars are universal symbol to represent success, heaven, and prosperity.

  1. Anchor

Though it is the most common tattoo image you often see on a sailor’s body skin, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the idea if you are not a sailor. The image of anchor symbolizes safety, loyalty, care, strength, rescue, and hope. It is also suitable for you who really fond of swimming because anchor also symbolizes love for swimming.

  1. Butterfly

Butterfly seems like a feminine symbol which is only suitable for women. That is definitely wrong opinion because it is also suitable for men. The image of butterfly has meaning of immortality, soul, rebirth, and ability to change.

Treatment for Face Tattoos

Every tattoo should be cared very well as all kinds of tattoos, including the one on the face requires making holes on the skin during the process. It means that the skin get wounds because of the tattoo. Some treatments should be applied so the wounds will not develop into more serious illness. Below are some treatments you can do to reduce any health risks may occur after the tattooing process.

First, you can use mild moisturizer around the tattoo sites. The moisturizer can function to cool the tattoo sites and avoid irritation, swelling, and burning caused by the injection process. Because face tattoos are located on open part of the body, there is more possibility for the tattoo sites to get dirty because of dust. Don’t forget to wash the tattoo sites more often than usual to ensure the wounds keep clean. It is important to avoid infection. The face tattoos also have more risks to get irritation because of the exposure of the sun. Avoiding heat is important for the new face tattoos. Make sure you ask about the ink will be used before the tattooing process to find out whether you have allergic or not upon the ink materials used. Another thing you should consider is the needles used for the tattooing process. Make sure that the needles are the new ones and they are single-use needles. They also should be well sanitized. The using of well sanitized single-use needles is aimed to avoid dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, and tetanus that might be infected through the needles during the ink injection process of face tattoos.