Getting tattoo is not an easy decision. It’s permanent body art that cannot be removed easily. Thus, celebrities also think hard before getting their body inked with their favorite tattoo designs. Some of them give up and choose fake tattoos instead. You may be curious to find out fake celebrity tattoos as it’s quite hard to recognize which is a real tattoo and which one is fake. Temporary tattoos are perfect for those who don’t want the ink to stay on their ink permanently.

Revealing fake celebrity tattoos

There are celebrities who make you do double take with their tattoos. Some of them are real and many of them are fake. Body art is part of an important element for celebrity beauty makeovers. Some celebrities may get their body inked with a tattoo for the professional reason such as to play a certain role in a movie, for a photo shoot, and much more. However, some of the celebrities do fake tattoos for fun reasons or you can call it makeup. Here are examples of fake tattoos of celebrities that make you do double check:

Ariana Grande’s tattoo is found to be fake. She has a tattoo on her inner forearm. The lettering tattoo was once believed as the real one that it looked awesome and fit her well. However, it’s only temporary tattoo that will be disappeared or removed in couple days or weeks.


You may also a maze of Zayn Malik’s tattoo on his face. How can he risk his handsome face with a permanent tattoo as it’s an asset for his career? Even though it looks cool, but it’s way too risky to get a tattoo on face especially for a celebrity. Zayn has been famous for his tattoos all over his body and that’s what makes people believe that he has face inked with the tattoo. In fact, it’s the fake tattoo.


Other fake celebrity tattoos

Besides Zayn and Ariana, there are other fake tattoos that may put you in awe because they look real. Cara Delevingne got the super edgy tattoo which put people in amazed because she had her tattoos all over her arms and chest. Most people believe it’s real tattoo but it’s fake. There is also Miranda Cosgrove who got a pineapple tattoo on her wrist. It looks cute and pretty but it’s only temporary tattoo. Well, the tattoo is not for those who are indecisive. It’s for those who are determined. Those are fake celebrity tattoos that may have tricked you and there are more.