Flash Tattoos Advantages and Safety

Flash Tattoos or Temporary Tattoo is an industrial tattoo which was made in mass production on a paper or a cardboard. This tattoo is usually sold in street shop in retail package price of $7 -20$ price. This tattoo is different from other ink-injected tattoo. As this tattoo is not permanent like the ink-injected tattoo. The cost of this tattoo also much cheaper than the ink version. The apply procedure of this tattoo also comes in very easy. It can be said that this is a cheap version of a tattoo. Many tattoo artists are also using this flash tattoos as the basis for the customer to select the tattoo design they wanted for their permanent tattoo. So the customer can choose the design they wanted and simply ask the tattoo artist to add a few customization to the permanent tattoo design.

What are Flash Tattoos Advantages?

There are many flash tattoos advantages compared to the ink-injected permanent tattoo. Here are several of the advantages:

  1. Flash Tattoo is Non-Permanent
  • This feature alone have proven to have quite a few advantages compared to the permanent tattoo. Through this non-permanent feature, the user can switch tattoo anytime they want after the tattoos disappear. So if the tattoo bearer is bored of the design, then they can switch to other tattoo design. Another advantages of this feature is that if the bearer only want to have the tattoo for a short time such as for a holiday purpose only. Due to this non-permanent feature, the user also can have a test of the best possible tattoo choice before making the decision of converting it into the permanent tattoo. Therefore, this flash tattoo is a good choice for the temporary-only tattoo user.
  1. Much Cheaper
  • This is the obvious advantage of this tattoo compared to the permanent tattoo. Normally for the permanent tattoo, the tattoo artist charges the tattoo services price in range from $100 to $250 per hour. The price varies due to the quality and design from the tattoo and also the services fee charged by the tattoo artist. For the big size tattoo, it is possible that one time visits might not be enough and thus require few visits to finish the tattoo itself. Of course few number of visits means more cost to be paid. Compared to the flash tattoo which only cost $20 for a package should really differentiate the cost by a lot.
  1. Time Saving
  • In order wear this flash tattoo. It will take less than 5 minutes to use it. Compared to the permanent tattoo which require even at least 30 minutes to complete a small tattoo.
  1. Painless Process
  • Compared to the process of permanent tattoo and the flash tattoo, this is the painless version of the process. As it is known that the pain in getting or remove a tattoo may cause the skin swollen and even sometimes bleeding. Therefore it is assured that it will not be a slight pain for either the removal process or the tattoo imprinting process. Compared to the flash tattoo that is basically painless and the no removal process is necessary as it will disappear after certain period of time.
  1. No Possible Disease transmitted
  • To install a permanent tattoo requires a needle to implement the injection. And if by chance a user visit a non-sterile tattoo shop, it is possible to be infected by the blood transmitting disease such as Hepatitis or HIV. Because in a non-sterile tattoo shop, the possibilities is that the shop did not change the needle or never clean the needle and basically just “Share” the needle with anyone who wants a tattoo without sterilizing it beforehand. Therefore if the previous user has a blood transmitting disease, the next person would surely be affected as well. Compared to the Flash tattoo which does not require any needle involved is basically needle-disease free.
  1. Free of Scar Risk
  • As it is known that in the aftermath of the permanent tattoo removal process, it is necessary to properly treat the Tattoo-Removed Area. If the aftermath treatment is neglected, then it is possible to have a permanent scar in the tattoo-removed area. Compared to the Flash Tattoo which could be wash permanently and easily rubbing it with baby oil, coconut or olive oil. Or just simply purchase a Flash Tattoo Removerto quickly erase the flash tattoo to avoid oil mess.
  1. Personal Customization and Can be purchased online
  • The other advantage of this Flash tattoo is that it can be purchased online and can be self-customized. If the user want to have a certain tattoo design and has the skills to self-designing it but does not have the material or tools to make the tattoo, then the user can just send the design to the flash tattoo shop online and order it online. The reason is that this flash tattoo is imprinted on a paper and does not require the presence of the user to make it.

Does Flash Tattoo Safe?

The answer to this question in majority is definitely yes. The flash tattoo is an image which is printed on a paper or it is the water-permeable paper to be exact. The country which is popular for this tattoo as the USA have a regulation stated that the flash tattoo use only pigments or color additives that have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Therefore, it can be assured that the Tattoo is toxic and allergic free. But even with this regulation, does the temporary tattoo is “PERFECTLY” safe for using? As it is mentioned before, if it is asked though a random crowd survey, the majority of the answer would be yes because even though there is a possibility of the allergy is low but it is not zero though. There is still an occasion as every human body is unique. The FDA itself also does not approve of temporary tattoo.  Overall, Flash tattoos are still basically harmless and non-toxic. Only rare occasion of people who are allergic to adhesives is advised to avoid this Flash Tattoos.