Flower Tattoos: Meaning and Symbolism

Tattoos and flowers have many similarities. There are many countless flowers were given everyday to represent several types of emotion. There are many reasons, why flower designs are wonderful things as the body art. As we know that flowers are so beautiful, timeless and elegant. They are also representing the grace and felinity as well. They are so colorful, pretty and look great in our skin. The choice of color and flower are important to get best looking tattoo.  The great thing about this Flower Tattoos is their size which is could be made into any size. You can choose only one flower, cute little flower in your ankle or wrist, even you are also able to get entire tattoo in your back with one and sprawling tattoo as well. Of course, you will feel beautiful. You can add other beautiful things that you can include in your tattoo. For example, you can add ribbon tied surrounding the flower, cupid sitting on it, butterflies surrounding the flower and more.

Tattoo also communicates the same motion and feeling in more permanent ways. They are externally expressing individual’s feeling as well. There are many designs, meanings and styles for each different flower. You might not know that each flower has kind of symbolism meaning that related with them. Flower tattoos were typically feminine and become common in women. Although men also look for this design as well, one thing that we already know about flower is that specific flower grows in certain areas as well. Therefore, many flowers are based on their geographic area that you live. So, there are many people will choose the common flower in their area.

Meanings of Flower Tattoos

–               Rose

Rose is one of the oldest and so far become the most popular flower tattoos. Even among women and men as well. In the mythology, rose had been played the symbolism role. For example, the ancient Greek believes that the first rose was came in white. The goddest of love named Aphrodite had been poked by the torn from the rose brush and bleeding on the blooms that make it having red color. Nowadays, the most common meaning of rose tattoos was love. Rose is often appears as the solo design that complete enough, but it can be design with stem, leaves or thorn as well.


–               Lotus

The second popular flower tattoos is the lotus. Lotus becomes popular option in India, Asia, Egypt and the other Eastern states. Lotus is one of the first flowers in this universe and can be found in many monuments. One of essential meaning of lotus is because it grown in the mud, so it represents the rise of struggle and hardship as well. This is means that transformation toward beauty and symbol of strength. This flower also one of most essential flower in Asia countries, because it’s related with the religious.

–               Daisy

Daisy is also common flower that you can find in around the world. However, Daisy is more common in women. The main and the most common meaning which related with Daisy are showing the purity and innocence. This is relates with different women in different lives, stages and levels in their life as well. The most common of Daisy designs are single bloom, Daisy bouquets and Daisy Chains. Different design also comes in different colorsas well. However, the most common color is the deep yellow featuring with the outer petals in white color.

–               Lily

This flower is another popular flower and recognized flower as well. This is symbol of power, partnership and long lasting relationship as well. This is also flower option for mothers. Although each culture has their own different meaning for Lily, such as: Chinese believes that Lily symbolizes the purity, abundance and innocence. While the Greece and Egypt believe that Lily represents the sexuality and fertility. So, the Lily is represents as chastity, faith, innocent and live to the God. Lily has many symbolism meanings which were symbolized differently in around the globe.

–               Sunflower

This is become one of the most distinguished flower in around the world. Although Sunflower is not the common tattoo, but it’s still popular as well. Especially among women but some men also prefer to get sunflower tattoo as well. Sunflower was named because their appearances which look like the sun. It has golden bright petals along with dark center. The main of sunflower is representing the energy and life. Sunflower tattoos also come in different design. It can be added with other flowers, including of leaf petals and stem as well. one of the best thing about sunflower tattoos is very colorful.

Meaning of flower tattoos

So, flower tattoos represent all of different meanings. They can symbolize death, marriage, love, victory, life, youth, vitality, feminity and more. Flowers also had been marked the graves and the burial sites since several centuries ago. They represent those who had been passed away and honor their memory by placing flower in their last resting place as well. One of the main reasons, especially women who choose flower tattoos is their beautiful design. While the other considering their symbolic meaning.

There are many cultures belief that flower is the sign for rebirth as well. As the flower which had been born in spring then death in next several months. In the next year and the flower was reborn and blooming once again in the next time. The other culture belief that flower relates with life and sun. As sun is the power source which make our life is possible. When the flowers are growing, it represents of life. Although we represent these flowers based on their breeds, we also sometimes symbolize the flowers based on their colors as well. There are several colors that have positive or negative meaning which were associated with them as well. The color of actual flower can impact all of the meaning. If you have plan to choose spesific flower tattoos design. This is important to do your own research first.