Tips on How to Take Care of Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are totally interesting and unique. Many people have tattoos across their body parts, most of them are for different reasons. That is why tattoo can be considered as one of the best ways to express someone’s feeling. Tattoos on the foot need extra attentions. It is because the location of the tattoo is quite prone to irritation and infection. Cleaning the tattoo on the foot carefully and regularly may help the tattoo to last longer and prevent the owner of the tattoo from getting health problems. Below are several tips on how to take care of foot tattoos, especially on cleaning the tattoos on the foot carefully.

  1. Cleaning the Foot Tattoos for the First Time

After coming home from the tattoo parlor, you will still have the bandage on the foot. Do not remove the bandage immediately because the bandage needs to be on the tattoo for at least a couple hours after the tattoo is done. Make sure that when you are ready to take off the bandage, your tattoo feels “dry”. Now, you can remove the bandage carefully, start by peeling one end of the bandage carefully. If the bandage is too tight, loosen the bandage by pouring running water over the bandage. This step must be done really carefully. If you do not do this carefully, you may ruin your tattoo, and your skin as well. Let the running water drip upon the bandage slowly until the bandage is not too tight anymore. Then, take the bandage off. It should be easier. After the bandage is off, you may notice that your tattoo on the foot is still red and looks painful. What you need to do now is washing the foot carefully. Use warm water and delicate soap to wash the foot. Dab the tattoo with towel and let the tattoo dry. That is basically all you need to do to take care of your brand new foot tattoos. If you do it properly, your tattoo will surely last for goods.

  1. What To Do with Scabs?

People with tattoos on the foot often encounter problems. One of the problems is scab. Scab grows over the tattoo, especially new tattoos, because it has function to protect the tattoo from germs. The development of scabs may irritate you because the scabs visually ruin the tattoo. However, you should really not be bothered about the scabs, especially if the tattoo on the foot is only a few days old. Basically the scabs will go away on its own. You do not need to peel the scabs or use products to remove the scabs. You need to be worried, though, if the scabs become incredibly itchy or the the scabs are too much and they make the tattoo starts to fade. When it happens, go to your tattoo artist and get some solutions there. The tattoo artist will give products to remove the scabs from the foot tattoos and then retouch the tattoos. However, if the scabs are just small, do not bother to do anything about it because it will go away before you know it.

  1. How to Keep the Foot Tattoos Dry?

Keeping the tattoos on the foot dry is important, especially in the first couple of weeks after the tattoo is made. The first thing you need to do to keep the tattoo dry is probably avoid dipping the feet into hot tub. Even the tub of warm water is bad for your tattoo, let alone the hotter water. Soaking your feet, even for short time, gives chance for the bacteria to invade the tattoo, causing infection. Beside of that, if the tattoo is soaked in water for a long time, the ink will run, thus ruining the design of the tattoo. This is why you need to avoid getting your feet into the tub for the first two or three weeks after you get the tattoo. If you want to be in the tub, let the body soaks but not the feet. Beside of the tub, you also need to avoid swimming for the first two or three weeks after getting the tattoo as well. Give the tattoo a chance to heal completely and dry completely before you can get back to the water. It is for the sake of the skin health and the tattoo design. Consult to your dermatologist or tattoo artist if necessary.

  1. Choosing Soap and Moisturizer to Clean the Foot Tattoos

Soap and moisturizer are essential to keep the foot tattoos clean and healthy all the time. Every day, you need to clean your feet and thus clean the foot tattoo as well. Washing the foot tattoo is done by using warm water and soap. Choose delicate or mild soap. Do not choose the soap with dyes or scents. If you want to go safe, use baby soap. Most of them are delicate and will not ruin your foot tattoo. After you wash the tattoo, you also need to moisturize the tattoo. Use lotion or ointment to keep the tattoo moist. You do not need foot-specific lotion, though. As long as the lotion is unscented and mild, you can use it. The kind of lotion or ointment you do not want to use for your tattoo is probably petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly has the ability to fade the ink of the tattoo. Rub small amount of lotion on the tattoo. Do not use too much because excess lotion or ointment can remove your tattoo ink.

Those are basically all you need to do to take care of your foot tattoos. Remember that even though the tattoo is down on your foot, does not mean that you can ignore it. Many people will notice if your tattoo is losing its ink, fading, or covered by scabs. Instead of enhance your appearance, your ignored foot tattoo is going to ruin the appearance instead. That is why take a good care of your foot tattoos by doing everything suggested above.