Your old tattoo doesn’t look as appealing as before? Well, you might as well consider skin color tattoo to cover the tattoo. As tattoos are seen as a visual expression, people put their attention on tattoo design which can reflect their personality and mindset.

Tattoos can reflect one mark of religious and spiritual devotion as well as bravery. As the result, the trend of getting inked on the skin has become more and more popular over decades. Unfortunately, there may be a time when your old tattoo begins to despise.



Solution of skin color tattoo to cover tattoo

One of the most used solution to remove an old tattoo is to get laser therapy. However, there is another solution for that. You can get skin color tattoo so that your old tattoo can be removed in a nice way. However, it’s important that you pay attention to the color choice as well. You need to choose the color of ink which matches exactly with your skin tone. Thus, the new tattoo will be able to cover the old ones.



Before doing this way, you need to consider another thing. Permanent tattoos are actually about half a millimeter inside your skin. Hence, adding skin color tattoo onto it might not be as perfect as you expected. If it’s done carelessly, it may lead to discoloration of a particular region of the skin. The tattoo ink sits on the second layer of the skin. The process of getting a single tattoo is painful and you have known it.



Thus, adding new skin color tattoo to cover the old one will make you experience the pain again. This is something that you may not realize at first place. Another problem is that it will be hard to cover dark color tattoos with skin-light color tattoos. It won’t make much of difference to the dark color.



Before getting skin color tattoo to cover tattoo

There are some problems that may appear once you decide to cover your old tattoo with skin color tattoo. The main keys that hold important roles to the success of this method are the choice of ink color, tattoo design, and tattoo artists.

It’s better that you consult with your tattoo artist to get advice about what kind of skin color tattoo that can successfully cover your old tattoo. Hence, the project of getting skin color tattoo to cover tattoo will be successful and won’t harm your skin.