Everything You Need to Know About Half-Sleeve Tattoos

Half-sleeve tattoos are very popular these days. This kind of tattoo can be defined as tattoo that wraps around the upper arm. Usually, the tattoo is seen from shoulder to the elbow. It covers the half of the arm, forming a sort of half sleeve, hence the name half-sleeve tattoo. This kind of tattoo is more elaborated and complex. The time to make this kind of tattoo is longer than regular tattoo. Beside of that, the cost is also way more expensive. However, this kind of tattoo is considered to be a form of art and an ultimate way to express feeling using tattoo. Below is everything you need to know about half-sleeve tattoos.

  1. Deciding the Placement of the Half-Sleeve Tattoos

There are two favorite placements of half-sleeve tattoo. The first place is on the upper arm and the second one is on the lower arm. To make the tattoo looks like half a sleeve, you need to go with the upper arm. However, lower arm can make the tattoo looks like sleeve as well but then you will have to wear longer sleeve to show the tattoo. If the tattoo is done on the upper arm, you will have more place to work with. Beside of that, you will have easier way to cover the tattoo if you need to. Beside choosing the placement of the tattoo, you also need to decide whether the half-sleeve tattoo is going to be done on the right arm or the left arm. People tend to choose the right arm because it is the dominant arm, thus making it slightly bigger. However, you can make the tattoo on the left arm if you want to.

  1. Determining the Theme for the Half-Sleeve Tattoos

The entire design of the tattoo needs to be well-planned. It is because this kind of tattoo is going to fill the entire upper arm, from the shoulder to the elbow. It is very visible and thus you cannot go random with the design. Everyone can see the tattoo and thus you need to make the design as good as possible. There are many themes that you can use on the design, from tribal design to cartoon design. However, most importantly you need to add your own unique style on the tattoo. Show that the tattoo is truly yours and you can express who you are through the tattooo. You can add as many characters to the tattoo because half-sleeve tattoo is large and there are so much space for the tattoo artist to work with. This is why you can make the design more original and more “you” by adding items or characters that have special meaning to you.

  1. Choosing Between Colorful and Black and White

The ink for the tattoo on your sleeve can be the colorful one or the black and white one. However, for the half-sleeve tattoo, it will be better if the ink is the colorful one. Vibrant colors on the tattoo located on the upper arm will make the design more enhanced. You can choose any designs, starts from pin-ups, mermaids, or cartoon and make the designs more stands out by adding colors to the tattoo. The colors will make the tattoo pops. To choose the right color for the tattoo, you need to talk to your tattoo artists. Make sure that the design of the tattoo matches the color of the tattoo. Beside of that, you also need to consider the tone of your skin. If your skin is fairly light, you can basically use any colors for the tattoo. However, if your skin tone is a bit darker, you need to consider mixing between light colors and darker colors, just to make sure that the color will be balanced and it will look good on the skin.

  1. The Time and Cost to Make Half-Sleeve Tattoos

As stated before, half-sleeve tattoo is larger than average tattoo. That is why it will take longer time to make it and it will cost you more money. The process of making the tattoo is going to be even longer if you choose complicated design that will make the tattoo artists to add detailed and elaborated items on the tattoo. The average time to make this kind of tattoo is 40 hours. Yes, it is that long and it can even get more longer, depending on the design. The 40 hours process of making the tattoo is separated into 4 to 5-hour sessions every day. That is why a half-sleeve tattoo can take at least a week to completed. Talking about the cost, a tattoo artist usually charge hourly. It means that you need to pay the tattoo artist by the hours. The average cost to hire tattoo artist is $125/hour. If you want a half-sleeve tattoo that eventually takes 40 hours to make, it means that you will have to pay $2,500. If you plan to make tattoo for both arms, it means that the process will take two weeks and you need to spend approximately $5,000 for both arms.

  1. Concealing the Half-Sleeve Tattoos on the Arm

Since this kind of tattoo is incredibly large and visible, it is almost impossible to conceal the tattoo. However, if you really have to conceal the tattoo, say for example while attending formal occasions, you can do that by wearing long-sleeve shirts or wear suits. However, this kind of tattoo is not going to be possible to conceal while you are half-naked or while you are wearing sleeveless shirt. The best thing you can do is considering everything, including your workplace and your neighborhood, before getting the tattoo done on the arm.

Those are everything you need to know about the half-sleeve tattoo, starting from where to place it to how to conceal it. This tattoo is huge and not easy to remove whatsoever. That is why you need to make sure that it is 100% safe and legal to make half-sleeve tattoos on your arm before you get it done.