Presence technology capable of giving shock which is not possible, it no needs painstakingly to detect health to the doctor. Now there is a Heart Monitor Tattoo technology designed as a means of health detection by means of sweat.


How is it possible? Updates the device continues to experience technological developments such as wearable made to cling to the body, or accidentally taped. Expending are made with such a tattoo design to make it more easy to use and does not make difficult.

Concepts like this are still hard to come by, but with these findings as a first step as the role of the doctor in order to make it easier. Use the monitor on human skin are shaped as electronic tattoo changed human skin as a tool like a detector monitor.


The monitor has a Tattoo the size of a very thin, about 3 ml. I was so thin the tattoo may be percolating on human skin. In addition, the tattoo can also survive for quite a while, because it is protected from steam sweat.

Currently many shapes of tattoo this monitor. But it’s funny when using a tattoo picture. Perhaps many do not think that the tattoo heart picture monitors.

Then, what is the usefulness of the heart tattoo monitor?

  • To detect the health of the body.
  • To look at blood pressure
  • As of antibodies when the body is exposed to the infection
  • Immune System increasingly ride
  • The blood pressure stabilized
  • Show the blood detection
  • Is identified as the lifestyle and creativity
  • And the art on the skin yes!


The researchers suggested that by having a tattoo on the body makes antibodies they into a more controlled, stress hormones also showcased a tattoo on the body.

From a study also showed that people with tattoo even more powerful. The body’s immune system to instantly be up because our bodies felt “stress” when getting tattoo.

If someone had a tattoo before eating will not be so bad for health. So with using it as health detection tool, symptoms may appear initially because of there are foreign bodies against our skin.

Possible symptoms such as give tattoo our skin directly or with a shaped like tattoo monitor stickers will be different with the symptoms suffered. That’s some reviews about the heart monitor tattoo as healthy detection and so we are more easily detected through health monitor found in our bodies. Hope usefully!