Several Types of Heart Tattoos

Symbol of heart is one of the simplest, however, becomes the most meaningful thing for human kind. There are 2 symmetrical curved lines which were put together and represent the core organ of human, the heart which is responsible for our blood circulation and has very essential function as well. This central organ had been related with the deepest and most tormenting in human feeling, is love. In this way, the symbol of heart become an instant sign that love can be found everywhere and makes this universe go around and around. As we know that heart is the most common of love’s symbol and passion as well. Although there are other meanings of heart tattoos. Every heart tattoos will represent something different in each person. As we know that heart tattoos also come in so vary designs, styles, and colors as well. They are generally come in middle to small size and can be placed anywhere as you wish. Or they work in your existing body art as well.

There are several areas where the heart tattoos are most popular, such as: in your wrist, foot, hip, and forearm as well. Couples prefer to include their name into the design. Sometimes, heart tattoos are related to mothers as well. It said that heart is a source for all of knowledge. So, if you get a heart tattoo along with dog tattoo, so it represents the love for your dog. Heart tattoos are one of design that allows you become more creative. Because of you are able to make design and meaning based on your own. Of course, they represent many different things in the eyes of beholder as well.

Here several types of heart tattoos

–    The winged heart tattoos

The winged heart tattoos represent your free spirit and freedom as well. Many people get this design to symbolize their character which has free spirit nature as well. Or having freedom of certain things, such as: bad habits or addictions.

–    The Broken heart tattoos

In this specific design had been seen as the reminder for those who have the lost loved one. Or other people might use this design to represent their broken heart. However, broken heart tattoos can be represented as the long distance relationship as the reminded of how sacred their love.

–    The tribal heart tattoos

This special design does not have any symbolic meaning. Typically, people choose this design because it good looking or represent their personal meaning. There are many heart tribal designs that you can choose from and they work well with other tattoos as well.

–    The black heart tattoos

This design represents the saddest day in person’s life. Such as losing their closets relative or friend, end of their relationship or reminder for the tragic moment. People usually have this design along with the name under the heart design, cross, flowers, angel wings and more. There are many people who have black heart tattoos that remind a thousand lives lost as well.

–    The Celtic heart tattoos

The Celtic heart tattoos are the beautiful way to represent the power and unity as well. Usually, it is consist of 4 different patterns, they are: crosses, knots, step work and spirals.

–    The heart and lock tattoos

Lock and heart tattoos have positive meanings. People who choose this design want to represent their love for other. Representing that only this person who can unlock their heart. It’s so romantic option.

–    The sacred heart tattoos

The sacred heart tattoos are the most symbolic design ever. It has the longest history since 17th century in French. The design usually had been surrounded by an angel, thrones, a sword, a crown and it might be having burning as well. This design had been seen since several centuries ago as the Catholic symbol and had been dedicated for Jesus Christ. Of course, it represents one faith.

–    The flaming heart tattoos

This design represents the love and strong passion. As the flames is representing the burning love and heat of passion as well.

–    The realistic of heart tattoos

This special design was not commonly seen. However, they usually have full color and representing the actual of human heart. Sometimes had been illustrated being held in the human hand as well.

–    The stitched heart tattoos

The stitched heart tattoos also have different meaning. As example, the stitched heart or the knitted heart is representing that the broken heart had been healed. Or it can represent of broken heart or lost the loved one.

–    The Dagger Heart Tattoo

This dagger heart tattoo has positive and negative meaning. The positive meaning is representing the courage and bravery as well. Then the negative meaning is representing the sorrow, grief or the long lasting struggle as well.


Of course, these tattoos above is only one way to use the heart symbol to deliver specific messages or expressing the beliefs or feelings as well. There are many people to get temporary or permanent heart tattoos which mean differently for them, such as: for their parents, for someone that they loved or even for their pet, their loved for idol star, certain object, activity and more.

There are different colors, shapes, and designs of heart tattoos, of course, they come in many varieties, according to the each person. There is minimalist heart tattoo with simple look and there is realistic heart design along with complex structure, they were based on their own preference. Those types above become the common and well-known interpretations and there are many people get them usually also have the same message and meaning.

However, whether you decide simple heart tattoos or featuring with other elements, keep in mind that there are several variations. You should know that heart is the strong symbol all of the time and culture, so you can spend your time to decide what kind variation which can catch up your actual meaning that you had been looked for. Size and the placement of heart tattoos are important factor that you should consider.