Various kinds of tattoo have been developing at the moment, one of these is the gothic heart tattoos. These tattoos are becoming the trend in all walks of life.

Hear the word Gothic; you must immediately imagine it a versatile black and scary. It is faithful to the Gothic has always symbolized as dreary and dark. Something like that has now been transformed into an art that has high aesthetic value. Much arts-related to Gothic for example novels, plays, and poetry. Not only that, but the flow of the Gothic has also encroached into the art of tattoos. Gothic heart tattoos one of them. This tattoo has a range of meanings depending on the type or symbol that is used. Following a range of meanings from the gothic heart tattoos.

The meaning of gothic heart tattoos

  • Love
  • Relationship
  • Hope
  • Passion
  • Past, present, future
  • Stability
  • Spirituality
  • Trust
  • death
  • hopeless

That’s the most sense from the gothic heart tattoos, though gothic impressed with creepy things, regarding the gothic heart tattoos won’t all be creepy. Due to the “heart” of the word gothic could be meaningless to another.

Are you interested in making gothic heart tattoo? If so, you must determine which design would you choose. Gothic heart tattoos also have a wide variety of designs and symbols which made gothic heart tattoos are different with each other.


Gothic symbol heart tattoos

  • Snake, skull, the sword, and the cross became a symbol of the public about the gothic hear tattoos. The most famous symbol in the tattoo is usually the cross symbol combined with a heart shape. It can symbolize a sense of spirituality.

  • There are also associated with fantasy, such as the famous mythological creatures all over the world, namely the Dragon. Gothic Dragon in heart tattoos is depicted as sinister and evil beings.

  • Plants like roses, wild grass, has always been a symbol. Most the rose symbols are always related to the gothic heart tattoos. The symbol of the rose and the heart usually symbolizes a relationship or loyalty. But if the roses have thorns that can mean a betrayal or despair.

Gothic heart tattoos have a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. For a woman or a man, young or old, anything that you can find different types of symbols that suit you. The tattoo is certainly a self-expression that represents your feelings.