Tattoo art is a very popular art and so much popular so it demanded by teenagers and youth. Usually, tattoo became an icon of rebellion that being used by the punk but nowadays tattoo is part of the products of the fashion world.

Especially tattoos that are using for fashion needed or tattoo on makeup that is really famous among women. In addition, there are also some tattoos that are not designed for permanent use or known as the contemporary tattoo.

This type of tattoo booming among tattoo lovers and commonly used as a complement to fashion accessories that are suitable for the style or theme.


The tattoo is no longer seen as a typical icon punk kid but all the people have received and use tattoos as part of his daily style. What great of this well grown modern tattoos is the use Tattoos of Symbols and the hidden important in their meaning?




The Tattoo of Symbols function works in every part of life and has a very deep message in their meaning. This deep message shows that tattoo not really a very wasteful or useless hobby, this proves that as the branch of engraving art, tattoo can be used as a medium to speak, to show up, to punish or even to rebel.

If there are not any of symbols you know that was made by tattoo in this world, I’ll mention three of them. There are spiritual tattoo symbol, philosophical tattoo symbol, and solidarity tattoo symbol. This proves that tattoo has a very great influence in forcing people to be more considerate.

There is a variant tattoo of symbols that has a very deep message in their meaning. The most famous one is cross symbols. This used to know as the religious symbol that being acculturated with the modernity that brings by tattoo style.

This symbol makes tattooers uphold the value of spirituality. Thus, the public mindset that thinks that teen and youth nowadays lacks the religious value will finally be rebutted by the emergence of such symbols in society.

The second one is a ribbon symbol that commonly used as a symbol of solidarity to provide moral support diseased people (usually cancer). This symbol brings the social theme.

And last most famous is the aesthetic symbol in the example of roses pattern being combined with the skull or any other innovative pattern that gives a chic and brave impression.