Humans are created differently from each other both in physical appearance, thought and so on. In addition, man is also a creature that can change every moment both his thoughts and his appearance. You may decide to do tattoo on your body a few years ago, but now you want to remove the tattoo when you used to do a tattoo that you know that tattoo is a permanent thing because the ink is under your skin layer so to eliminate it maybe you should Doing expensive and painful ways.

But that’s the nature of a man whose thoughts and moods can vary all the time. Then, if you’ve already done a permanent tattoo on your body, how to remove a tattoo? Does it cost a lot? Does it have to do laser surgery? Can tattoo removal with tattoo removal without pain? There are so many questions that come to your mind. But you do not have to worry because now the times have progressed and you can more easily to remove the tattoo without having to do laser surgery. There are several tattoo remover and also natural ingredients that you can use to remove the tattoo on your body, although not necessarily the way it works 100% at least you can try it first. Below you will get some information that may be useful for you in particular on how to remove permanent or temporary tattoos on your body.

  1. Tattoo Remover Cream

 Before you decide to use tattoo removal cream you should make sure that the cream is safe and suitable for your skin type, does not make allergies or fatal side effects and you also have to do research first of course. Consultation with a dermatologist may also be done to make you more confident and reduce or anticipate side effects that you do not want because basically removing the tattoo permanently in the body is quite difficult. Basically, the workings of the tattoo removal cream are by way of seeping under your skin and reducing your skin pigment.

This will help you to remove the ink layer that is embedded along with your skin pigment. Therefore you should make sure the dose you use is right and not too much. However, this method is a less effective way for people who have thick or hard skin because this cream will be difficult to absorb ointment and remove pigment under the skin. Therefore if you have a thick skin type you should consult your dermatologist. Usually, people who use creams to remove tattoos will also experience rashes on the skin and feel sore. This is actually a natural thing to happen but if the rash gets worse and you experience the pain that does not go away even after the cream is cleaned then immediately consult a doctor because maybe the cream is not suitable for your skin. You should also know what the ingredients are in the cream you are going to use, make sure the cream you use is a tested cream on many people. Never use untested creams and even no testimonials even though they may cost much less. You should find a safe road because basically removing a permanent tattoo is a pretty hard thing so you better choose a good cream though pricey or quite expensive but safe for your skin health and can provide maximum results.

  1. Tattoo Remover with Aloe Vera

Another tip you can do to remove a tattoo in a simple way that you can do at home quickly and naturally is to utilize aloe Vera. It is a simple yet effective and proven natural way in some people (though success in each person is different and influenced by several factors). Aloe Vera is quite famous to have various benefits in everyday life such as to grow hair, making hair becomes more fertile and smooth, treat skin with burns, beautify the skin and even for a mask on the face. Many people will use Aloe Vera in place of tattoos after they perform laser surgery treatments to remove tattoos. But if you are still afraid to do the laser method and maybe also because the cost factor is very expensive, then you can use aloe Vera from the beginning. Aloe Vera has the property to help fade the ink pigment in the skin and over time can make the ink disappear. This natural plant is very good for new tattoos that have not been too long sticking to the skin so eliminate it does not take a long time.

In addition, most Aloe Vera also contains lots of water so it will be easier to make traps on the ink so the ink will be more difficult to stay under the skin surface. That’s how Aloe Vera works to remove ink on permanent and temporary tattoos. In addition, Aloe Vera will also feel cold on the skin although maybe several times when reacting with ink may be a little sore it’s only briefly and a few minutes. The cold effect of Aloe Vera is the most preferred because basically, almost all other ingredients that can remove the tattoo will usually make the pain on the skin and sometimes even cause a rash. You can use Aloe Vera every two times a day in the morning and afternoon. At each use, you will need approximately 20-30 minutes until your tongue seeps into the surface of your skin and it usually feels when somewhat dry will become rather sticky. You can rinse it with warm or cold water after 30 minutes. Use it regularly to get maximum results and for the tattoo on your body to quickly disappear and fade perfectly.

  1. Tattoo Remover with Laser




Based on the facts above, now you have to know various things about how to remove a tattoo. Hopefully, this information is useful for you and you can apply at home to remove your tattoo in a very simple way and materials that you easily get. The ways above is one alternative in addition to laser surgery because laser surgery usually requires a high cost and also a fairly complicated treatment. May you successfully remove your tattoo. Good luck!