The tattoo is a style of body modification and the process is by inserting ink into the skin. In our country, Tattoo or rajah  (based on the Indonesian language) is a real taboo to mention and identically related to criminality. But on the other hand, on the other part of the world, tattoo is an art. The main developing of tattoo is from Asia, especially Japan. Japanese people love tattoo as their masterpiece, lifestyle, or even their passion of life. The developed of tattoo itself is widespread into New York City (NYC), America. Many NYC’s tattoo artists are inspired by Japanese tattooers such as Master Horiyoshi III, Horikitsune, Horiei Shinshu, and so on. The following text below is informed the influences of Japanese tattoo artist to NYC’s people.


  • Horitomo

He is one of three artists who worked at Kings Avenue Tattoo. The professional tattooer alike hi were selected by the founder of the most renowned tattoos studios in the world. Nowadays, their best work had become tattoos industry conductor. Horitomo believes that everything to do with love, by love, and for love. It will create out our best work of an original art. –


  • Mitomo Horihiro (Hiroshi Hirokawa)

A Japanese tattoo artist who succeed tattooing in New York City. He has opened an exhibition in April 2015. All his works are presented to the same range as the real hand-made; delightfully stamped on archives grasp scrap of paper. In his hometown, he established THREE TIDES TATTOO in Tokyo, Osaka since 1988. His work art commonly used Irezumi ­– traditional Japanese style.


– Chris O’Donnell

Another Japanese tattoo artist in New York is Chris O’Donnell. A man who works at Kings Avenue Tattoo in distinction to accomplished his own studio just north of the county, Pound Ridge. On his blog, he always posts his progress work on clients. According to this page, the reader can be caught that he is a humble tattoo artist who talks more about passion, life, and tattooer in NYC. He always writes that he would go to focusing on something that he likes and he must do.


– Horisei

He has a potential skill to become a professional tattooer. Even he is being an apprentice with a Japanese tattoo Master. Acknowledgeable, calmness, and focused of what he did. He works at Rising Dragon Tattoos. Affirmed to RDT’s page, that he is a Japanese people who lived in New York and always growth his tattooing style by his own culture.


Thus, There are the names of Japanese tattoo artist in NYC. Although they are not lived in their real country, they can keep the original of Japanese culture be everlasting.