Tattoo is not assumed as a crime anymore. Prohibition of this art is just limited to a part of communities. No matter on what genre of a human being, they like the tattoo as an art. Highly valuable and artistic concepts were offered by tattoo artists all over the world. Rapidly, the developing tattoo, especially in Seattle, is inspired by Asian tattooists, such as Japanese tattoo artists. The ultimate style is Irezumi, that become a role model for tattoo artist in Seattle. The tattoo studios below have a Japanese people or its style.


  1. Jackson Tattoo Street

Tattoos studio in Settle has a Japanese tattoo artist namely Josh. He is talented tattooer and simply glace off his idea to get a great work art.


  1. Blue Geisha

Located in Oregon, Seattle, California. This tattoo studio adopted traditional Japanese style in their tattoos. Artists of its studio are wonderful, organized, professional, personable, and talkative. Every client was got a precious experience there.


  1. Social Skins – Bryan

Bryan and tattoo studio he worked in is highly recommended. He took a side-view of Japanese bolt train made with simple style just a black line in the chest. The clients demand patient and calmly work till getting right.


  1. Fist Full Metal Tattoo – Chris

If you are looking for Japanese tattoo style in Seattle, just check out this studio. Chris is one taented tattoo artist who work in Fist Full Metal Tattoo Shop. He accomplished for giving information about Japanese Koi sleeve style. He also friendly in talking about ording placement, color ink, appearance, and admeasurement. This guy is awesome and recommended for people who have been planning on getting a unique tattoo.


  1. Rabid Hands Tattoo

After completely going to several sources on websites, Rabid Hands Tattoo have a specialist in Japanese tattoo style. He is very affectionate, cooperative, competent, and proficient at hs crafts.


  1. Seattle Tattoo Imperium

Tony is amazing. He applied Japanese theme on his best work tattoo art. For example, he designed a Japanese crane for a client. And almost all of his work are interested people is inspired to Asian tattoo artist.


Spreading of tattoo art is not only limited on to the existence of the indigenous of Japanese people. Knowledge and experience were taught to the learner can be developed by people all over the world. Japanese tattoo culture might be interested and used by tattooist in the world, including in Seattle.