Several Essential things that You Should Know about Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos might one of the most influential styles that occurred in modern tattooing and has long history about it. Japanese tattoos start grow widely in the Yayoi Period (around 300BC to 300AD). As we know that tattoo has spiritual meaning and they also had been functioned as the sign for criminals, therefore tattoos also have negative interpretation. It cannot be separated with the Ainu, the native population from Japan, they used to get tattoos in their mouth, arms and sometimes on their forehead as well. They had been lived in Japan for thousand years and they had been integrated with more modern living as well. There is no doubt that they had been impacted with art of Japan tattooing as well. Although, what is really influencing in Japan tattoo style is the drawings of floating world (had been called as ukiyo-e in Japanese language) which were initially of wood block prints. One of the most well known ukiyoe artists named Kuniyoshi who had been illustrated the Suikoden. This story shown up about 108 Chinese of the corrupt ruler which all of them are tattooed, these pictures of the tattooed warriors still give big influence to the today tattooing.

You might ever see some kind of traditional tattoos which were related with yakuza or had been known as the Japanese’s mafia during several years. In Japan, tattoos are in common like the western work because they have relation with the criminals. There are several fitness centers and hot baths which banned the customer who have tattoos because this reason. Yakuza members were some of few people that have the bodysuit in Japan (along with the bodysuit which we known for having body that covered by tattoos).

So, you might wonder what bring this Japanese tattoos style come into the Western world? The western tattoo artist try to copy these intricate styles, such as: koi fish and dragon design. The result is there are many western tattoo artists which had been worked together with the artist of Japanese traditional tattoo that is become popular today.

The motifs of Japanese tattoos style

The mythological creatures, such as: dragon, koi fish, birds, snakes and tigers are so popular design. There are several flowers, such as: cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and lotus. There are also characters from the traditional tale and literature, such as: Geisha, criminals, samurai, Buddhist deities and Buddha’s. The most popular characters are Fudo Myo-o, Kannon and Shinto. In all of Japanese tattoos, there is always the some kind of background that you might not know, they look live fully and 2D, almost similar with the textile and backgrounds are wind bars, wave and cloud. Even, there are several very firm rules about the location of tattoos which were drawn on the body. For example, cloud should be used in upper part of waist because it represents the sky. Wave should be under the waist. This is not been allowed to get Buddha tattoos under the wrist because it shows the disrespectful as well. Flower tattoos should be coordinated with several animal options, such as: if you want getting koi fish that swimming toward upstream, you should pair it with the chrysanthemums or maples as well. This is because koi fish only swim to the upstream during fall season.

Here several essential things that make this Japanese tattoos become so popular around the globe:

–               Japanese tattoo has strong symbolism

As mentioned before that Japanese tattoo has very long history and the Japanese culture had been supported with rich tradition since many centuries ago. Therefore, their tattoos also have significance relationship to these and contain string symbolism as well. The Japanese people also have deep relationship with the nature and spirituality, tattoo become combination from this relationship and there is spiritual connection in their tattoos as well. Most of Japanese tattoo design, there are several animals as mentioned above. The other design from around the world might be just represent as decoration, but in Japanese tattoos have strong influence for those who see it and usually getting stand out than the others.

–               It gives you more artistic feeling

Most of design in Japanese tattoos is colorful and fluid; this is make them become more appealing than many options out there. They contain of intricate pattern which were used and the lines are just so beautiful, so they make it look not only just a design, but it gives art form look. Most of Japanese tattoos contain more than 6 colors which are been used in design and along with the higher demand, this number also increase as well.

–               The bravery design

Japanese tattoos have very bravery design and most of people owned them on their back to the feet as well. These tattoos are usually covering the areas from the neck toward the crotch. A professional also stated that this tattoos were so expansive, even bring him 2 years to complete his tattoos, only one tattoo.

–               Provide you powerful impact

The design of Japanese tattoo is so standout as soon as you look at it, your body behind the tattoo is disappear and you only can see the tattoo itself. As mentioned before that the design is so intricate and takes a long time to finish it. All of the details were compiled together in Japanese tattoo which make them more powerful and provide you with stunning look.

No wonder that there is so much demand to get Japanese tattoos in the market. If you consider all of information above, you might feel to get this Japanese tattoo. However, you should ask the experienced professional to get the tattoo inked. While look for the professional, you should know their experience and look out their art in the past.  An experienced professional will show you bravely about their past work. While you their past work, you can compare how it before and after the process. You also can ask about how much time that they need for whole process. As we know that Japanese tattoos need more time than normal process, so you should be patience.