Today tattoo is getting familiar. However, there are some workplaces which don’t allow their workers to have tattoo on their body due to the stigma that still remains. For some people, it may not be easy to find jobs that hire with tattoos and piercings. For those who have tattoos on their part of the body such as arm, stomach, legs, etc, the stigma is inconsequential. With appropriate attire, the tattoos can be covered perfectly without anyone notice.

However, the problems come when the tattoos are at the visible part of a body. Is there any job that will allow you with your visible tattoo and body piercing? Appearance indeed comes first when speaking of a job interview. Your appearance is said to be the gate to know about your character and personality, as well as work ethic. People with visible and provocative tattoos are often considered as too much freedom spirit so they are being doubted about their dedication and commitment to the rules.

Actually, there are jobs that hire with tattoos and body piercings. However, you need to remember that tattoos involve provocative words, sensual acts, offensive language, or anything violent should be covered in most work environments. Artist, architect, astronaut animal breeder, and animal trainer as just example of jobs that will allow you with your tattoos or body piercings. Other professions include Barista, bartender, bouncer, beekeeper, butcher, call center operator, cook, comedian, dancer, diver, engineer, florist, firefighter, gunsmith, hair stylist, lifeguard, mechanic, nail technician, painter, sailor, voice actor, and much more.

Those are just example of jobs that hire with tattoos and piercings. Formal workplaces such as company’s office don’t choose people with tattoo since at the beginning of recruitment. They often prohibit their employees to show their tattoos and body piercings (if they have it after they have become officials employees). Even so, more and more companies are shedding the old perceptions about body art like tattoo and piercing. Some of them at least allow visible tattoo or piercings as long as they meet certain criteria.

Finding career fields and companies which are body art-friendly may not be as simple as it says. Even though some companies saying that they won’t discriminate people with body art, but there are always chances to receive rejection due to having tattoo or piercing. The information about jobs that hire with tattoos and piercings above hopefully help you to find your career path.