Why do people make Cross Tattoo Design?

Cross Tattoo Design is popular style tattoo for Christian people. The design reflects religious character, it popular in America and Europe because the most citizen has a religious Christian. On famous movie from Indonesia Ayat-ayat Cinta, one of the characters used the cross tattoo on her wrist.


The Cross Tattoo Design not only for the tattoo uses to express believe to their god also admire their god Yesus. But also Christian people use as a lifestyle it refers to powerful, strong, and passionate.


Some people made the Cross Tattoo Design for indicating their faith as Christian because Salib Cross Tatto Design itself symbolizes the sacrifice of Yesus for his Christian community, the symbol also as love affection.


How many designs of Cross Tattoo?

The general design is The Celtic Cross and Tribal Cross, but still many the other design. The Celtic Cross commonly use red and black color on the line use black as a basic color, the shape is like letter T with a ring around on intersection. The ring means circle of life and the tattoo itself represent their faith and heritage. The Tribal Cross, it inspired by Maori Tribe the tattoo dominated with black color, the pattern made with unique style as Maori tribe, the basic shape is like letter T but integrate with the pattern of tribal culture this tattoo like in Moana Movie.


It’s amazing for men or women to make crosses Tattoo on their body, seen from the meaning or the art, people proud doing Cross Tattoo on the body. You can be made a tiny cross tattoo on your hand, or on your neck. The most male doing Cross Tattoo on the shoulder or on the back with a great design such as The Celtic Cross and by wing on beside right on left the tattoo.

Blue Cross Tattoo on the Back, you can use the gothic style on your shoulder or Gothic Wooden Cross Tattoo. For people who like the simple style, we can use, ideal Cross Sleeve Tattoo Design. Winged Cross Tattoo compatible for people who like freedom and strength. For you guys who love God use design Christian Cross Tattoo on Chest, you can express more love and faith to God.


The tattoo is art, to appear anything especially love by human being concern to God in Cross Tattoo design, not always reputed as a negative thing. Because art itself identify to indicate and seen by the devotee.