Creating Your Own Lettering Tattoos

Various styles of tattoo are available out there for you who are planning to make a tattoo. There are Aztec, tribal, Celtic, old school, lettering tattoos, and many more. Among those styles, the most popular one is the lettering tattoos. In this article, you will find some tips on how to create your lettering tattoos, things to consider when doing it, and other tips that might be useful for you.

Choosing the Right Design for Lettering Tattoos

Although they sound simple, lettering tattoos can be very complicated depending on the design that you want. There are various fonts that you can choose, and there are also various choices of what kinds of lettering tattoos you want to have: Will it be an ambigram, or a quote?

  1. The most popular fonts

We all know that there are hundreds of fonts that we can choose out there. For your information, the most favorite fonts so far are the Handwriting type (e.g.: Honey Script, Windsong, Dear Joe), Script type (e.g.: Piel Script and Nina Script), New Age type (e.g.: Monoment, Titanium), Old School (e.g.: Tattoo Sailor and High on Fire) and Gothic type (e.g.: Blackletter and Dearest). You can choose either to take one of fonts included in the most favorit list, or to choose your own mainstream style.

  1. Ambigrams

Ambigram is a play of word that is designed in a genius way. It has its own unique point by allowing you to have different readings when the ambigram is put upside-down. It is cleverly designed to have different (usually contrastive) meaning after being rotated.


When you have a special quote that you truly believe in, you might want to get a stronger link to it by making a tattoo of it. It is cool to have a tattoo that represents your thought or principle that you strongly believe in.

However, it is important to know that a short yet sweet quote will look much better than a full wall of texts. You just need to decide your favorite line, and put it permanently onto your body.


Things to Consider before Having a Lettering Tattoo

There are many aspects that you should consider before putting a tattoo onto your body. Some aspects like font, wording, thickness, meaning, color and style are all necessary to be taken into your account. Since the tattoo will be permanent, you need to carefully think about the design and make sure that it meets your preference so that you will not regret it someday. It is very important to have a tattoo that you are so happy with, because it will stay there for a long time, even forever.

  1. Fonts

Exploring and researching on the various types of fonts is sometimes useful to make sure that your tattoo will be in the right “tone”. Some font styles might not be suitable for certain meanings. Besides, the choice of font can determine the beauty of your tattoo. You can find some different fonts by simply checking in the Ms Word, or you can also use writing software. Type the text you want to get tattooed, and compare how the text looks in some different fonts.

  1. Wording or content

Considering the content of your tattoo is essential. As has been mentioned before, a tattoo can contain only a single word, a phrase, or even a quote. It is important to always remember that your tattoo will permanently stay there once the needle hit your skin. Therefore, having the right name of a person or the right quote that represents your ideal is a must.

  1. Thickness and slant

A lettering tattoo can be written either in bold or swift style, dark or light design. You should determine the thickness and the slant of your tattoo. Pay attention to detail. You even have to decide whether the letters will be fully filled in, or just simply outlined. You also have to think whether the letters will look better if they are written perfectly straight or slanted. If they are slanted, will they be slanted forwards or backwards? Paying attention to detail is needed to avoid disappointment.

  1. Spelling

What is very important to do before injecting the permanent tattoo ink into your body is checking the spelling. Getting your tattoo misspelled can be extremely upsetting, because the misspelled words will stay in your body forever, causing embarrassment to expose it.

  1. Meaning

A good tattoo should have a meaning. Or, at least, you should be able to explain the meaning of it to anyone who asks what it means. It is better not to make a tattoo which has a meaning that you’ll probably regret someday.

  1. Characters

Foreign characters can be very unique and mysterious if they are used as a tattoo. They add such an indescribable feeling of thought and depth. Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and Sanskrit are the most popular characters so far. However, it is important to make sure that you have the right structure of those characters. Despite their unique points, foreign characters can also cause some embarrassment if they are not correctly constructed.

Additional Tips

There are some things that you should avoid when you are making a tattoo, they are:

  1. Getting a tattoo when you are drunk

It is, indeed, true that when you are drunk, your body will be numb and cannot feel some pain caused by the hitting needle. However, it is still better to get a tattoo when you are completely conscious, so that you can make a clear judgement and decision.

  1. Letting others decide

You have to decide your tattoo design on your own. It is okay to ask for somebody’s opinion, but make sure that the tattoo you will have is, indeed, the tattoo that you truly want. Do not get any tattoos just because your friend says that it is cool, since it is you who will permanently wear it.

  1. Following the trend at the time

Do not make a tattoo based on the design that is quite popular at the time. We all know that the trend can regularly change by the time. Therefore, following trends in making lettering tattoos without considering your preferences is not a wise decision.