Lung Cancer Symbol Tattoos is one of the largest solidarity tattoo in the world. Just like any other solidarity tattoo that commonly used to provide support to cancer patients. This solidarity uses ribbon as the symbol.

This bundle of ribbons represents many good things such as are the brotherhood, support, solidarity, unity, and endurance. If it is seen more clearly with a social point of view, this type of tattoo is widely used by those who become part of the circle of lung cancer patients, such as the nearest family, close friends and so forth.

It aims to provide encouragement and motivation so that the patients that suffer cancer have the spirit of life and high morale in order to fight the disease.

Among the many tattoo designs used by tattooers, some of them carry a social mission that brings peace to its users. Perhaps, from a social point of view, the use of this tattoo is full of moral action than material.

There are not many solidarity links that appear and are expressed through tattoo engraving. If it can be classified, ribbon design in Lung Cancer Symbol Tattoos has become an official design and have been patented so that its influence can be felt globally. As such in the symbol of the World Red Cross.


There are so many ways to show support that can be done by the tattooer so that in practice there is even some combination of patterns that have a subtle impression of spiritual support with the inclusion of design cross or other religious symbols that show resignation and hope.

It is not wrong to say that tattoo can be a medium of connecting people of the social world. One example of this is with so many tattoos that are used as a social movement such as the Lung Cancer Symbol Tattoos which became the basis of the solidarity movement to support patients with lung cancer.

And followed by the majority of people around the world, although unofficially but actually it has become social icons (well accepted). There are several variations in this Lung Cancer Symbol Tattoo design.

Examples that are quite popular among others: design spiral ribbon, ribbon design with a cross, ribbon design with angel wings, ribbon design with the moon and star decoration, ribbon design that collaborate with cross and pigeon and so on. There are still a lot of special designs as support.