Maybelline is one of a brand that releases many kind types of color tattoo. Every color sometimes would make people guessing about what kind of color exactly would appear. Beside the bright color, like Edgy Emerald or Painted Purple.


Maybelline Color Tattoo Just Beige actually the collection of the brown color tattoo. All of this collection has related of containt with brown color, pure brown color, or also brown color blend with grey.

This kind of color usually use as base shadow and also as single shadow blend with the other color. if you want to know more about this color, you have to read the text below here. There are some of Maybelline Color Tattoo Just Beige.


Bad To The Bronze

Bad To The Bronze Color Tattoo if you can see clearly, this color is not brown totally, but blend with grey. When you swatch the color tattoo, it would seems like brown, grey and also little bit glittery. Most women love this color, because of Bad To The Bronze so awesome color.

Perhaps most of the people would be wondering when they read the name of the color because in their mind looks like the brown color, but the real one is brown blend with grey, and it is a little bit glittery.


Though As Taupe

Though As Taupe color seems like the bright brown, but if you interest to use this color tattoo, use it for the base more better. Because has a good color and actually same like dark satin taupe.

You would very impressive if notice this color Tattoo. Besides, the color would last until 24 hours, you also don’t have to worry the color is waterproof. The package is easy to hold when you outside.


Bold Gold

Bold Gold honestly would look amazing if you know how to use it without mess the color. Maybe some people say this color tattoo is inconsistent color because most of the women cannot explain or realize the real color of Bold Gold.

Sometimes they will see the color seems like Gold, but also says the color is Metal. But the different color makes everyone curious about this one. Then if you curious too, just trying, maybe you will figure that out.


All of this color tattoo would you find it in Maybelline Brand because of mot of women interest with this one color tattoo. If you looking for brown color with many varieties, all of this color tattoo so recommended, Maybelline Color Tattoo Just Beige