In the world of tattoo engraving art, the variation design of motives and patterns are very important to show the world a self-portion of a tattoo user.

Just like music, the design of motives and patterns on a tattoo that is used by a tattoo user shows that a tattoo can show part of the user hidden self. As shown by the using of Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design which has a very strong sense of spiritual value as well as the philosophical value.

Chinese Symbol in Tattoo Design itself is one of the symbols that used to carry philosophical themes, theological and others sacral themes. The pattern that is used is a well-known and purified or sacred icon once was built as a public icon. People used to see it in the labels of production, advertising world, cinematic and corporate symbols.

Usually, in commercial, it stands for everything that can be trusted to bring enough profit by using it as the icon. The values contained in these motives and patterns will lead a user to show the original entity. Whether in the mindset, attitude, and character.




In general, the use of philosophical patterns and motives will bring the user in a theological-symbolic consciousness undirectly, it influences the user. It is interesting that something ancient and joyous is being juxtaposed with ‘tattoo’ as the product of the popular culture that brings the current trend and basically is build by modernity as its axis of change.

Philosophical Values in the Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design

This Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design can be used as a measure of culture that has begun to disappear. In fact, the value that is carried in that symbol will relive the culture that was once known ancient and mythical.

Philosophical Values in the Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design

As example, in Chinese culture the symbol of the dragon is sacred and sanctified, then modernization makes it out of sanctity, then by merging modernity with cultural relics, it will, in turn, bring enlightenment and transformation in the appearance of this cultural result as a monumental means, like how today dragon seem being sacredly used as a fortune symbol, this means that traditional symbol has a good acculturation journey with the modern world.

Philosophical Values in the Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design

Therefore, the use of Chinese Symbol for Tattoo Design is expected to be a medium of cultural acculturation between the ages, especially those that are embodied in the symbols that exist in this Chinese Design. It is expected that more designs can contain more philosophical values.