Piercing Tattoos: Are They Safe for Your Skin?

Not all people like to have piercing tattoos on their body skin. In many countries, they are even strongly connected to bad people or those who are committed to crime. But, of course this is really wrong opinion. Nowadays, piercing tattoos are considered as symbols of the freedom of art and self-expression for some people. It is becoming popular body decorating art these days. Many people from various genders and occupations are known to decorate their body with tattoos and piercing now. But, there are some controversies regarding to piercing and tattoos towards body skin health. There are many questions of what impacts of the tattoos and piercing could give to our skin. Are they really safe? What risks that people may have when their body is injected with tattoo ink and coloring as well as the piercing?

The Differentiation between Piercing and Tattoos

Before finding out more about whether the tattoos piercing are safe or not, it is better to know their differentiation. Piercing and tattoos are both part of body decorating art. Before the two arts are becoming very popular now, the history of tattoos and piercing can be traced back to the ancient times. Unlike their social function now, people in the ancient times used tattoos and piercing as part of their rituals and traditions. Piercing and tattoos have differentiation in ways they are applied in our body. Piercing requires you to make holes in your body using needle. Commonly, people will put jewelries made of gold, titanium, and silver on the holes. The most common body piercing is ear pierced, tongue pierced, and nose pierced. Though tattoo is basically also involves procedure of making holes in body using needle, the ink and coloring will be injected inside the body instead of putting medals on the holes.

Health Risks Caused By Piercing Tattoos

As the materials inserted in the body are different between tattoos and piercing, the effects resulted to the skin body will also be different. Here are some of the effects of both body decorating arts to our skin.

Health Complication Because of Tattoos

  1. Allergic Reaction

As tattoos involves procedure of injecting ink and coloring to the body, allergic reaction is the most common risk happens to the skin. It is because they are made of chemical materials which probably not suitable with our skin. The allergic reasons may appear years later after the ink and coloring injected. They are shown by the appearing of rash on the tattoos.

  1. Swelling and Burning

They might occur because the skin is irritated during the tattooing process.

  1. Keloid

Some people have kind of tendency to get keloid if their skin hurts or damaged. The form of keloid may happen after tattooing procedure. It is shown by the growth of scar tissue at the tattoos sites.

  1. Skin Infection

Another complication may occur is skin infection. In a worse case, the infection can turn into staph infection or TBC.

  1. Blood-Bourne Diseases

The diseases include the tetanus, HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. They are contagious diseases as the result of the unsterile needles used when injecting ink and coloring to the body.

Health Complications Because of Piercing

  1. Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infection might occur because the needle used in making holes in the body hasn’t sanitized well before. So, it spreads bacterial to the skin.

  1. Abscess

The piercing process involves scathing procedure of body skin. If the injured skin doesn’t recover well, abscess might develop in it. It will turn into sepsis or blood poisoning if the abscess is not treated well. It is very dangerous because it can cause organ failure, even death.

  1. Bleeding

It can happen because there is damaged blood vessel caused by the piercing process.

  1. Keloid

Just like tattoos, piercing can also result in keloid.

  1. Swelling and Burning

Swelling and burning can also occur at around the pierced site of the body caused by the irritated wounded skin.

  1. Damaged Teeth and Difficulty to Speak

If you do piercing procedure on your tongue, you may damage your teeth. The pierced tongue also can cause you get difficulty to speak. In some cases, difficulty to breathe may occur because the pierced tongue gets swollen and blocks the airway.

Avoiding Complication Caused by Piercing Tattoos

Preventing complication caused by piercing and tattoos can be done using the following tips.

  1. Choose A Reputable Piercing Tattoos Studio

A good piercing tattoos studio should have license from the government. It is because there are laws regarding to the safety piercing tattoos and you as a customer should know your rights.

  1. Using Well Sanitized and Single-Use Needle

Before doing both tattoos and piercing procedure to your body, make sure that the needle will be used is well sanitized. Also be sure that it is single-use needle means that you get new needle for the process. It is important to avoid your body infected by dangerous contagious diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and tetanus.

  1. The Artist Uses Gloves

Make sure that the artists of piercing tattoos wash their hands and wear gloves when they conduct the process.

  1. Clean Equipment

Clean equipment is also needed to reduce the health risks caused by the procedures.

  1. Using moisturizer and Avoid Touching the Piercing Tattoos sites

You can use mild moisturizer to avoid the irritation. You also need to avoid touching the new piercing tattoos to prevent irritation.

  1. Consult professionals

Always consult professional in taking care the newly piercing tattoos so you will get right information.

After knowing the health risks you might get if you tattooing and piercing your body, it will be better if you think carefully before you doing them, especially in tattooing. Beside requires a painful process, tattoos also will stay forever in your body. Will your tattoos keep look good on your wrinkled skin when you grow old? It sounds impossible. You can remove them, but it will require more painful process and very expensive. Repeated visit to dermatologist will also be needed because removing tattoos cannot be done in just one procedure. So, just be careful before doing piercing tattoos procedure if you don’t want to make it as regretful experience.