Get Portrait Tattoos on the Body

Portrait tattoos are tattoo that visualize a realistic image of a loved one. The image of it can be a member of your family, iconic religious or a public figure that you adore so much. This kind of tattoo is usually done by a professional tattoo artist who is skilled at this field. If you are interested in obtaining this tattoo, reading the article below will be a help.

A Glimpse of Portrait Tattoos

This tattoo is famous among the tattoo lovers. Getting a portrait to be inked can be a way to show people of how much you love or adore the person. Not a few people decide to get this tattoo since it will end up so great when you meet a great artist too. In the hands of great artist, this kind of tattoo will look alike to the picture that you will choose. If you want to meet a good artist one, you need to take a look at the portfolio of the artist on how good s/he is. In addition, there are choices on the colors. You can make a black-and-grey tattoo or a colorful one. There is an advice if you choose black and grey as the color of the tattoo. Don’t look down on how easy it will be to make a tattoo with simple colors like these ones, since it isn’t easy at all. You need to find a good artist to make it look good even though the colors are so simple. It is surely a hard job, right? It does seem simple but it is not actually. So, how about the colorful tattoo? It is not much different. Yet, it needs a good blend of colors that will look great to be seen overall later. Those are enough about tattoo color and let’s move to the price. Talking about the price of this tattoo, it is not that cheap for such a big job. A great tattoo comes from several difficulties that the artist must face. As we know, most people cannot draw a portrait with a pencil and much less drawing with permanent ink. So, you can tell how much it will take, right? It is surely not cheap. In addition, the price can be counted per hour or it can be a fix price from the start depending on the artist. After we talk about all of them above, there is also an advice on where you decide to put the tattoo. As it is a portrait one, you may want to make it seen by many people. If you are new to this, upper arm or shoulder blade can be an option. Yet, those two are not the only ones. You can talk to your artist to get a best placement.

Tips for Getting Inked with a Portrait

As you desire to have one tattoo which is made from a photograph, you need to consider these two important things.

  1. Find an exact artist

As mentioned above, you need to find an artist who masters on making this tattoo. You can stroll around a place where you can find many studios there or you can just google it to make the finding much easier. One thing to be looked at is the portfolio of the tattoo artist. You can tell that s/he is a right one if there are a bunch of jobs that have been done. Do not just look at how many jobs been done, but also the results of the jobs. Then, you can decide.

  1. Choose a perfect photograph

A perfect photograph is not merely a picture that you cherish it a lot. It has several criteria to meet the ability of the artist on making the tattoo later. Choosing a perfect one can be confusing, so just read several criteria to consider below.

  1. Choose a photograph with a good lighting

Lighting is important in choosing a picture. You shouldn’t choose the one that is too bright or too dark since it is not a good choice. Thing to be noted is that the artist should be able to see the characteristics of the face by looking at distinguishing marks on the photograph. The right lines coming from the clear face can make the tattoo looks like a real one.

  1. Do not choose a blur photo

A blur photo is a disaster since you cannot see the portrait clearly. This case also works for the damaged photo or the old one. It is not helpful for the artist if you choose the wrong photo. However, if you choose an expressive face which is clearer, it can bring a great portrait tattoo.

  1. Look for a single portrait

Make sure to choose a photograph that only shows a person you want to be inked. You can also choose a photograph that shows the face part in fully detailed. Don’t make the artist difficult by making him/her to crop a face out from a family photo for example.

  1. Choose a perfectly fine facial expression

It is best to choose a photograph that has a good facial expression. A strong expression like happy, serious, etc can be a best source for your tattoo artist. An advice that you need to remember is that you shouldn’t ask the artist to change the expression. For example, you have a photograph that has a serious face and you ask the artist to make the face in the tattoo smiling. It is such a ridiculous task to do. So, you need to avoid doing this thing.

That’s all the things you need to consider when deciding to make a tattoo coming from a portrait. The highlight is that you need to take some times to find a right photograph that will be great on your body. Try to explore as many photos as possible to get an exact one and you can give it to the chosen artist later. Again, you must also find the right artist. Although there are many artists who are not confident enough to make this kind of tattoo, there are still many of them who are able to promise you a good result. If you do have a target artist that you will choose to do the job, try to talk to the artist first to make you more trust him/her. If you are brave to make one, you can start to make other portrait tattoos.