Realistic Tattoo as People’s Favourite Nowadays

Realistic tattoos become one of the most popular choices for people nowadays that want to beautify their body with the ink works. Long before realistic tattoos were popular, people chose several traditional tattoo designs such as cartoonish and tribal designs. Realistic tattoos are popular because today’s tattoo enthusiasts, the tattoo artists and the tattoo lovers, love to explore the body art itself. There has never been any tattoo design as lifelike as the realistic tattoos. It is true because realistic tattoo design will relate to a realism of the world.

Tattooing Your Favourite Persons

The realistic design of a tattoo is a design that mostly uses the theory of realism in art. Realism art is the art that is created accurately to the real world things, elements, atmosphere, and everything. Tattoo artists nowadays have to be able to convert a realistic photography to someone’s body. They have to learn to paint realistically on someone’s body since the ability of tattooing a realistic image will get them more customers.

It is known that the greatest reason why someone wants to have a realistic image on their body is that they want to keep their certain memories forever by get those memories inked on their body. Many people today get a tattoo of their beloved ones who have passed away. It shows not only respect, but also their truest love, because it creates an understanding that those inked with a photo of someone really feel the pain and sacrifice a little space on their body.

If a person loves and is greatly influenced by some artists or public figure, sometimes they will even get them into a tattoo. Usually, a realistic tattoo of certain famous person will have an inspiring quotation too. This shows a great respect from a person to another person that has influenced them with their works, and it also shows that those certain famous people are the individuals whose way of life is applied by the person who gets a tattoo of them.

Other Real Things to Be Tattooed on Your Body Parts

A lot of customers demand not only tattoos of persons, but also other living things and other tangible things. Pets like dogs and cats are sometimes labelled as human best friends. For that reason, there are many of tattoo enthusiasts see that tattooing their pets will be a good example of artistic respect for those cute animals. Animal expressions are a great stuff to be tattooed with, especially if those animals are our pets. You can tell the tattoo artists to tattoo different expressions of your pets on your body parts, for example your arms or your legs, so that they can look pretty exciting for your body art. Get their expressions with their name below them so that people seeing your pets tattoo know who their names are.

Scary beasts like lions, tigers, or snakes will be a good thing to be tattooed on your body as a realistic philosophy of your life. Tattooing those certain animals realistically can make you show the people certain kinds of personality you believe from those animals. You might also take them as your spirit animals.

Flowery designs are also an excellent alternative for your realistic tattoo design. As a living thing too, flower is one perfect criteria of what people call beautiful tattoos. Flowery tattoos can be a representational body art for women. Even though flowers mostly look cartoonish and unreal as a tattoo, if you get it done by the best tattoo artist you know, the flowery tattoo will surely look both beautiful and realistic.

Another popular design coming from the plant things is the tree tattoo. Mostly called the representation of life, a tree is a very wise choice for your realistic tattoo. It shows you how you consider tree as a lifelike creature, showing how from its roots to its peak, a tree has so many things going on. Oak tree, maple tree, and the sakura tree are some of the most beautiful examples of trees that you can get for your body art.

Architecture is somewhat a nice example of tattoo design you can explore and try. In this world, there are so many great architecture buildings that can be made into a tattoo, especially a realistic one. It will even sharpen the skill of a tattoo artist too. Places you love the most build so much memories in your mind, and convert them onto your body as a piece of tattoo artwork keeps the memories safe forever. World great architecture buildings like Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, or Colosseum are widely praised as some of the greatest achievements in architecture world.

Tattooing some realistic designs on your body should be done carefully, both in the technical process and the philosophical meaning behind them. For the technical process, you should really count on the only best tattoo shop or tattoo artist that people recommend to your or already popular in town. They are of course the most professional ones, and they will take care of everything from the hygiene of the needles to the details of your tattoo. For that crucially important reason, you should choose them because the result of your tattoo will be at the most satisfying result.

On the other hand, the philosophical meaning behind your tattoo should be prepared and thought of very deeply. Well, you can tattoo anything you want, but if it is meaningless, then what is the point? You have to think how the designs of your tattoo influence your life, your way of thinking, and the way you do things. In the future, there will be people coming at you asking what are the meaning behind your tattoos, and if you can give them your best answer, they will think of you as a person that takes everything determinedly even for your body art design. You will also be proud of your tattoos if you prepare them seriously, won’t you? At last, get a tattoo for your body will be satisfyingly good if the result is highly similar to real things, and that is why you should get yourself a realistic tattoo.