Tattoos for You: The Meaning Behind Roses Tattoos

Talking about tattoos, we must not forget about the presence of roses tattoos. In this world, there are people who believe that tattoos have meaning. By meaning, I mean some people believed that having pictures engraved on their skins would give them powers or something such as that.

Now I am not a person who believed in something like that. Having pictures on your skin would not give you anything aside from judgemental stares and a hard time landing a job (as some interviewers do not like it when their future employee has a tattoo and such). I am, however, a person of liberal thoughts and view, and would like nothing for the people to have things as they wanted it to be. If they wanted to have a tattoo, then I would not judge. If I interviewed people whose skins are engraved with tattoos, then I would not judge their working capabilities based on the amount of tattoos in their skin. I am a liberal indeed, so that is why I am going to write about tattoos today.

For today’s topic, I would like to talk about flower tattoos, especially the rose one. Because time is such a precious commodity and we should all strive to keep ours close to our hearts, without further ado, let us start this article about the meaning behind rose tattoos.

Before we begin, let us start about the meaning behind a rose

Rose is a beautiful flower and that much is a fact that we cannot deny. Rose is often the symbol of love, and is often given to those we loved. Rose is also a symbol of elegance, commonly associated with beautiful and strong women. That does not mean you cannot tattoo a rose if you are a man though. Roses are beautiful, and men should not be barred from having to enjoy the flower’s beauty in their skins.

But behind that beautiful crown lies thorns as well, and that is one of the thing that made roses a symbol of sacrifice as well. Touch a rose and you will risk getting a thorn in you. Love someone and you risk getting hurt by that someone.

Because I do not want to bring this article into the mellow side, it would be best for me to continue with the many different roses out there.

Yes, you heard me right, my friends. There are many different types of roses out there, and they come in different colours (if there is only red, then there is no reason for the War of Roses to broke). These colours brought with them different meanings as well, and these meanings are the things that I am going to talk about in details at the moment.

Oh, and the amount of petals and the stems also have a profound effect on the meaning of each tattoos, so because there are almost an unlimited amount of combination of colours, petals, and stems out there, there is no such thing as precise meaning behind each combinations. Therefore, I would only like to talk about the general options.

Let us start with the most basic of them all: the red rose

A meaning behind the red rose tattoo

This is the easiest and the most basic (and the most natural) colour from a rose. The colour red in a rose symbolize love and passion, which is basically one of the obvious reasons why people tattooed themselves (you cannot deny that there are people who tattooed the name of their loved ones, no?). That is why, people who wanted to tattoo a rose will often tattoo a red rose in their chest and shoulders (general location of tattoos, of course. If someone wanted to have a red rose tattoo up their bottom, then I would not judge).

A red rose is also a symbol of sacrifice because of the thorns, just like my words above.

The second would be white rose

The second thing I am going to talk about is the second most popular colour for a rose: the white rose. This York family symbol has the meaning of an undying love and innocent (which is often seen walking side by side). Brides (the virgin ones, of course) is commonly related with rose of such colour because of how they symbolize purity as well. This is also a symbol of remembrance, a symbol to help us remember someone we do want to forget for a long time. If you see purity as a highest virtue in your virtue list, it would be well for you get yourself this tattoo.

The third would be the cheerful yellow rose

The yellow rose is a symbol of a joy of a friendship. Just like the sun, this symbolize incandescent friendship, a thing you can share with your trusted friends and such.

Aside from symbolizing joy, the yellow rose also marks a new beginning, though historically it was commonly associated with love that is near-death (also known as a wilting love).

Black rose is the new black, and nothing can ever replace it

Let us face it: the colour black is often depicted gloomily. There is the black death (or the black plague), which is a disease that once ravaged nearly all of Europe back in the years of yore. The colour black is commonly associated with death, so there are lots of reasons why people choose not to have the colour black.

However, if we are willing to see it the other way around, it can also be seen as a death of old stuffs and the start of new beginnings (just like the tarot, where the death arcana symbolize the death of old you and the birth of your new self). So the colour black is not all about gloom deaths, you know.

The last is the blue rose, which is a bit of an odd duck

Have you ever seen a blue rose in its natural habitat? Me neither.

It is probably because the blue rose is not natural. Human engineered blue rose because they want something that they cannot naturally get. Just like the real blue rose, the tattoo blue rose symbolizes fantasies and the pull of the impossible, which is a kind of alluring if you think about it.

There are many other colours out there, but the ones I listed here is basically one of the most common asked colours. I guess that is all about roses tattoos, I truly hope this article can help you to find out more about it.