In talking about marriage symbol tattoo, it’s good to talk about marriage itself first. Getting married is one of the sacred processes undertaken with the aim of building a hotbed and a future life together.

In this case, the most romantic thing that a couple can do is make a couple tattoo with a symbol of marriage that shows that both people who use it are a couple. What does a couple need for a romantic tattoo? Do not worry, there are a variety of special designs provided for couples so they can feel comfortable in making a marriage symbol tattoos.



Some people might think that marriage is a religious way of connecting two people and two souls. It’s not the only last one relationship because it can be even being divided into two by divorce.

But, the sacred sense will bring a couple into the feeling that it has to be last forever, so commonly it can be showed with marriage symbol tattoos that provided variant to represent the meaning of marriage such a silent but romantic ways.

Other than tattoos as examples, some of symbols that will show the sacred sense of marriage are: the wedding ring or band, the double hearts, butterfly icon (as the butterfly impression on ‘falling in love’ process), unity candle, doves (as we used to hear newly married ‘lovebirds’), the infinity symbol and bride and groom icon.

These marriage symbols can be replaced by engraving tattoo as a permanent proof of affection and will make the marriage relationship lasts forever.

Symbols are not just talking about aesthetics but also talk about the quality, future vision and the power of meaning. This shows the short form of affection that radiant from the symbolic icon.

Many of these marriage symbol tattoo that being used to deepen the relationship and add up the intimacy between the couple.

Believe it or not, this kind of marriage symbol tattoo is a way to engraving the sacred promise, the journey ahead, the commitment, the future hopes, and the love and destiny that are intertwining in a form of symbolic form that represents all of those emotional feelings.

So the symbol that seems unimportant has a very deep meaning because it contains the whole life pact and future journey. Marriage, just like any other journey need to be acknowledged by each of the couples so it will worth everything.