Sometimes scars are hard to hide especially when it’s an open area of skin such as hand, foot, neck and even face. However, you can turn your scar into beautiful tattoo. It’s possible to get skin color tattoo to cover scar.

People get scars from many things including surgery such as from hair replacement, face lift, cleft lift, etc. Scars are also resulted from other factors such as burns, traumatic accidents, injuries, or skin imperfections like birthmark or abnormal pigmentation.



How to get skin color tattoo to cover scar

The scars resulted from injuries or genetic imperfections can be hidden or at least made less obvious through the skilled application of skin color tattoo. Another term is cosmetic tattooing since it’s done to perfect the imperfection look of the skin. So how to get skin color tattoo?


  • You need to search for trained estheticians to do the job. It’s not an easy task to do since the main purpose is to cover your scars or at least make it less obvious. Professional practitioner must also have a thorough understanding of the science behind pigments, as well as psychology of human skin and tissues.
  • The professional will make first move by ascertaining you for clearance about the procedure. Next, you will receive ‘spot color test’. It’s done to analyze your skin tone by mixing varying combinations of pigments to arrive at possible good match with your own natural skin coloration.
  • Once they find the good match, the professional will start tattooing small spot as trial in your scarred or discolored skin using mix pigments. Then, you must wait 1-2 months to see the result of trial tattoo. If it’s good, then you can continue to have tattoo until it camouflages the scar and perfectly stabilized.


Is skin color tattoo to cover scar safe?


Well, skin color tattoo is safe to be done by professional estheticians. The process is safe and painless. Professional estheticians only use medical-grade tattooing needles, and apply only prescription topical cream to numb the skin before unergoing the procedure.


If you still feel uncomfortable, the professional will apply more analgesic gel on the affected are so you’ll feel comfortable. After undergoing the procedure, the professional will inform you the aftercare instruction so you can take care of your new tattoo appropriately at home. Therefore, it’s essential to find professional practitioner in this field for your own safety.