The Meaning of Symbol Tattoos

Tattoos are great way expresses yourself, especially with symbol tattoos. There are abundances of tattoo forms that you can choose, starting from little one and then the big one that can cover the entire of your body. Of course, each specific tattoos has their own meaning. Here are some common tattoos that has unique art and meaning.

The elegant butterflies

As its natural behavior, butterflies start its life form the ground in the caterpillar form. Later on, it will cocoon itself and make its way out buy changing itself into a beautiful butterfly. This series of events pretty much describe the struggle in your life that you overcame later, turning you into something new and better than before. The design itself is preferable by women since it is a delicate and beautiful creature.

The wayward star

Star is always loved by most people. Most of them usually have a little star in any parts of their body. The tattoo itself represents truth, spirit, hope, and some relate it with religion. As star emits light in such darkness, it is often times used by those who experienced hope in dire situation. This tattoo has a good meaning behind it, since hope is always be in every ones heart.

The many faces of moon

The phases of moon somewhat represents the phases in our life. Sometimes we seem brighter than ever and sometimes we need to save that shine later on. It is as inconsistent as our moment in life. Good and bad things show up from time to time.

There are also zodiac signs

Universal zodiac signs mostly represent the owner’s personality.  Believing the concept of your own zodiac can make your tattoo more meaningful to you, making it your special mark that will be remembered by those around you. It is a good tattoo for you who seek future wishes and hope.

The incandescent sun

It is one of some tattoo with universal meaning. The sun tattoo pretty much represents what life is. The sun shines and gives life to other living being on the earth. Aside from that, it can stand as symbol of power, new beginnings, and perseverance.  Leaving bad tragedies in the past, you should get this tattoo on your body.

The graceful birds

Every type and shape of birds has different meaning. The choices are endless when it comes to bird tattoos. You can go with a big one or a flock of birds. Generally, birds represent hope and freedom. But specific bird tattoo may alter its meaning. You have to do some research to see what suit you best.

The free wings

Wings are a great tattoo for you who can’t come up with any good ideas. It can be small or big, covering the entire surface of your back. It represents perseverance, you can’t let yourself owned by other people because you have something that drives yourself to what you want. As religious as angel’s wings, they also can be represented as freedom, it is a matter of shape, size, and preferences.

The joyful cherry blossoms

Since long time ago, cherry blossoms have been used to symbolize the cycle of life. The root stands for the past life, the leaves represent the current life, and the falling leaves pretty much symbolize the sentient or after life. It is a delicate and beautiful tattoo, making it preferred mostly by women. It can be used to represent birth or death of someone in your life too.


The innocent heart

It is widely known that hearts symbolize love and passion. Also, it is usually used to express feelings to those people that are very close to you. Most people include certain names in their heart tattoo, like child, lover, or parent’s’ name. It could be a rash decision to put names on your heart tattoo, since it may not making you happy in your entire life. Some old myths also forbid people to include names in heart tattoo, so be wary if you want to apply permanent tattoo.

The imagery dragon

Mysterious, fierce, and powerful, dragons are likeable and preferable mostly by men. It has different type and shapes, making it popular when applied into a form of tattoo. The size of a dragon tattoo may differ according to personal preference. It can be big to denote its unmissable presence and also can be small and delicate. The size of it may determine the characteristic of its owner. The tattoo itself represents strength, hope, creativity, wonder, grace, and purity. The negativity of it symbolizes desire of immortality and jealousy.

The native tribal

Both men and women love tribal tattoos. The shape of it is very intricate, beautiful, and there are a lot of art put into a piece of tattoo. Big, bold, small, or delicate is a matter of preference since tribal tattoos pretty much can be applied into any form. Aside from all of those things, the tribal tattoo usually has great depth and meaning. Tribal tattoos have a lot of meaning, it is based on how the owner wants to apply the tattoo. So the meaning can be altered based on its shape and boldness.  Make sure that before you apply one you already done your research since tribal tattoo have varieties of form and shape. You might end up getting a tattoo with different meaning, just like Chinese tattoos, if you don’t do your research well.

The nimble dragonflies

Dragonflies are little, delicate, and tiny creature. When it comes to tattoo, dragonfly is considered as feminine tattoo because of its nature. Thus, making it one of great tattoos that women should have if you are confused to choose what tattoo you want to create. Dragonflies represent good luck, purity, strength, prosperity, and harmony. Despite its short lifespans, dragonflies achieve so much in their life, which make a great theme as a tattoo.

Having a tattoo is always nice, especially if you know what kind of tattoo you should have since each tattoo has their own meaning. When it comes to symbol tattoo, make sure that you choose one that suits with your life and characteristic. It will make the symbol tattoos as your trademark and pride.