True tattoo Los Angeles is a most known tattoo shop in Los Angeles that is owned by Oliver Pecker.

A tattoo is a common thing today. Whoever they are, they can tattoo their body. You can find a lot of tattoo shops in Los Angeles. One of them is True Tattoo. True Tattoo is a most known tattoo shop in Los Angeles. It is owned by Oliver Pecker. You can find another famous tattoo artist that works at True Tattoo Angeles. Here are some tattoo artists of True Angel Shop.


Oliver Pecker

Oliver Pecker is the owner of True Tattoo Shop. He is known as a traditional tattooer and gets the world record as a tattooer who can do 415 tattoos in 24 hours on TV program Guinness Book of World Records. He also appears on TV program Ink Master.

Pecker can make an American traditional tattoo with the modern age and unique style. You can follow his twitter account @OLIVER_PECKer and Instagram account @oliverpecker.

Small Paul Stottler Hori Gi Sei


Small Paul Stottler is one of tattoo artists of True Tattoo. He has been tattooing since 1988. He uses Hori Gi Sei as his name at True Tattoo. The name is given by his teacher Yokohama to him. You can check out his tattoos on his Instagram account is @smallpaultattoo.


Ian Jones

Other tattoo artists of True Tattoo is Ian Jones. His specialty is animals, flowers, and all about nature. You can follow his Instagram account @jonezyzaps.


Karen Costleigh

Karen Costleigh is the one and only female tattoo artist at True Tattoo.

Costleigh got her first tattoo at the age of 19 years. Her experiences in tattooing cannot be doubted. At the beginning of her career, she regained apprenticing opportunity at Mike Pike and Jojo Ackermann’s Psycho City Tattoo.

She can do all styles of tattoos, but she likes the traditional black and gray tattoo. Her tattoos can be looked at her Instagram account @karen_costleigh.

Kenny Holland

Kenny Holand has more than 9 years experience in tattooing. His specialties are nature and realism. You can see his unique tattoos on his Instagram account @kennysharkface.



Luke Wessman

Another famous tattoo artist at True Tattoo is Luke Wessman. His style is gangster traditional. As famous as Oliver Pecker, he also appeared on TV program Miami Ink. Follow his Instagram account @lukewessmanc to see his tattoos.


Those are tattoo artists of True Tattoo Los Angeles. Each of them has their own style. So, you can make an appointment with one of them that is appropriate for you.